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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 1B)

    We pull up in front of this bar called Club l. It’s not far from our hotel. The girls want to stretch for a bit. Inside, the music hits me, loud and frantic.

    ‘I hate clubs.’

    I signal to Raven that I’m going to the bar. The bartender stares right at me turning tricks for the crowd. What I can see of her is beautifully toned. Her hair is deep brown with red highlights. She’s a little young for my taste but I find myself being drawn in by her dark lined clear blue eyes. When I reach the bar she doesn’t really notice me until I ask her for a birch beer.

    I pull a five from my bra and tell her I don’t drink.

    “Me either, I just make the drinks.” Her ring-clad hand slides a drink to some chick.

    “Do you ride?” For some reason I want to know her.

    “Harley.” I didn’t think she was a biker.

    “You got a crew?” I hope she’s not with some flower power chicks.

    She shakes her head. “You looking for one?”

    Maybe I can recruit her. She shrugs. ‘Why won’t she talk?’

    “What’s your major?”

    “Culinary Arts and Creative Writing.”  ‘Nice’ 

    “What about you?” I drain my glass.

    “Music Comp.” She asks what I play when she comes back with my refill.

    “Guitar, drums, bass, piano. Practically my own band.” Some other stuff but I don’t want to brag. We talk for a while more and somehow wind up holdings hands. She’s ignoring all the other customers.

    “Spin, go take a break.” I catch up with her at the end of the bar and escape the madness out a side door. Being out here makes me remember how much I hate clubs.

    “So, Spin do you live around here?” I’m ready to go, anywhere with her.

    “About ten minutes from here.” She’s leaning against the wall.

    “When do you get off?” She smells like candle smoke and dryer sheets.

    “Two more hours, we close at 2.” I rise up on my tippy toes to whisper in her ear.

    “Do you have to stay?” I twirl her hair around my finger.

    “Well,” Her arms wrap around me. I kiss down her jaw to her collarbone. Slowly getting her keyed up.

    “I could- get Kat to- to cover me.” I dip my hand between her legs.

    “Good, meet me out front, with your bike.”

    I tell the girls not to wait up. I’ll meet them at the hotel some time tomorrow. The ride back to her place is crazy. We turn tricks and circles and wheeleys the whole way. Up the back steps. We start getting naked through the door. I trip on a mound of something and knock us onto the bed. Every kiss is unfathomably intense. Every touch creates a spark. The friction between us creates a fire that is stoked all night long.

    I wake up holding her hand. Something that’s never happened to me before. I trace over the lines there, trying to memorize them. She opens her eyes and I greet her.

    “Morning,” She looks so cute, half awake.

    ‘Cute? Davies women don’t do cute.’ I have to kiss her.

    “It’s 2pm, wow.” She says when we pull away.

    “Wow, what? Do you have to leave?” I can’t let her go yet.

    “Just wow.” When she sits up I feel my heart move with her.

    ‘What is going on with me today?’


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