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    HeartLake – (Chapter: Ch. 8 Tap and Go)

        That Sunday Spencer comes over to wake Ashley for church. Ashley is sprawled out on her bed in boxers and a sports bra. Carmen is nowhere to be found. “Ash, wake up.” She sits on the edge of the bed. Ashley reaches for the covers but grabs Spencer’s shirt instead. “Gimme the covers,” She mumbles. “If you want me to take off my shirt you have to wake up.” She scoots over and gets behind her. “Spencer?” Ash asks the quiet room. “Morning babe,” She rocks her hips into the brunette bombshell begetting a moan.  She breathes in her scent, musky and thick from sleeping. Then she breathes out hot air onto Ashley’s neck and runs her hands over her abs. “Mmmmm, Ash,” She dips her hand just below Ashley’s waistband. Her pulse is off the charts. “Spence, please,” Spencer slides her hand down a little bit lower. “Please what?”

    “Stop,” comes the weak reply. “What’s wrong?” Ashley mumbles something into the pillow. “What?” Spencer scoots down so her ear is where Ashley’s mouth should be. “I can’t control it when I you know,” Ashley’s voice is at the lowest audible frequency. “I’m not exactly following.” “I have…female ejaculation…” Ashley mumbles, glad Spencer can’t see her blush.

    Spencer giggles delightfully at the thought of being hit by Ashley’s money shot. “Stop laughing. It’s not funny.”  “I’m sorry. I’m just having this mental image…mmm. It’s making me want to rape you.” Ashley turns over, subsequently making Spencer’s hand slip down over her mound. “You may as well. Since that’s all you clearly want from me.” Ashley says, ignoring the fact that her pussy is throbbing. “I was kidding babe. Where’s this all coming from?” Spencer fights the urge to start fingering Ash.

    “The fact that you woke me up so we could have sex and then laughed at me when I’m trying to confide in you!” Ashley snaps. “I didn’t come in here just to have sex with you. But whatever, I’ll go then. You don’t want me here.” Spencer gets up to go. “I do. Just stop grabbing on me like you own me. We’re not girlfriends.”  “Is that what this is about?” Ashley looks away, not answering. “If that’s what you want just ask me.” Spencer stands over her. “Why are you being so stubborn?” Still no reply. “Fine! When you want to talk come find me.” Spencer storms out and skips church.

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