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    HeartLake – (Chapter: Seven: I Feel a Sin Coming On)

    Ashley saunters into Tempe’s office practically skipping. “Well you’re chipper this afternoon.” Tempe greets her. “I guess I am, huh?” Ashley floats down into her chair. “Would you care to explain?”  “Spencer Carlin.” Ashley’s mind wanders. “I’m not following.”  “She’s amazing…” Ash twirls her hair absent-mindedly. “Did you have sex?” Tempe figures that’s why Ash is happy. “No, we stopped at like second base.” Ashley is lost in her head. “Second base? I don’t understand.” Tempe looks at her quizzically. “I don’t know. I can’t think right now. I feel high.” Ashley is still twirling her hair. “Was this your first experience with a girl?” Tempe tries to get Ashley to focus. “For me yeah, her no.”

    At lunch the four girls sit together. Kyla and Ashley are in the bathroom. “So, that was our last time, right?” Spencer asks Carmen, ripping open sugar packets. “Yeah. It was only physical and for Kyla.” Carmen says. “Should we tell them?”  “No. This is so wrong we should be on Jerry Springer.” Spencer downs the sugar as the other girls return. “Kyla, I got you a part.”  “Really? What is it?” Kyla sits down next to Carmen grinning cheesily. “We’re still deciding on a play. But I pumped you up so nobody will give you shit about being a freshman.” Spencer says. “I won’t let you down.” Kyla is excited. “Meeting after school in the auditorium.”

    “Well, since they have plans, you and me need to think of something to do.” Carmen suggests. “What do you have in mind?” She leans across the table to whisper to Ashley. “We should be scared.”  “Oh yeah. Definitely. If anyone asks we know nothing.”

    At dinner Kyla and Spencer are debating plays. “Where are your sister and Carmen?”  “I have no idea. Whatever they did won’t stay secret for long though.”  “Hey guys!” Carmen and Ashley say excitedly. “What did you do?” Kyla scolds them. “WE didn’t do anything. But, SOMEONE might have put playboys and sex toys in her dorm room. And pinned nude calendars on her wall after looking up satanic chants on her computer. They also could have put a homemade bong and some ‘oregano’ under her bed and then payed a freshman to tip off the nuns.” Carmen and Ashley alternate speaking and grin maniacally.

    “You did all that evil in 6 hours?” Spencer raises and eyebrow. "No, it only took like half an hour. You’d be surprised by how much girls were offering us to do worse." Ashley laughs. “That’s really scary.”  “Remind me to never piss you guys off.” Kyla picks at a roll. “Don’t worry, making up is fun.” Carmen flirts. Ashley taps Spence signaling that they should go. Then Kyla and Carmen sneak off to the props closet.


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