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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 1A)

    I spin the bottle of vodka and toss it from behind my shoulder as a crowd forms around the bar. All of the sweaty skimpily dressed women staring at me. I slide some shots down to some blonde chicks. A loud techno beat is being pumped from the speakers. Club λ is where the party’s at. I make some cocktails for this cute inter-racial couple and get some JD+Dissorono for a hot drag king. As the song changes I hear a roar from outside. ‘Hell yeah! I forgot it’s bike week.’

    Then, in walks a gang of leather clad biker babes.  Their leader is drop dead fucking gorgeous! Long, dark, curly hair flows behind her, she’s petite and has deep eyes, a hot, powerful body that is filling the club with pheromones. I don’t even notice the girls behind her. Suddenly though, she’s in front of me, pulling money from her cleavage, asking me for a birch beer. ‘Birch beer?’  “I don’t drink,” She rests her black nail polished, tattooed, calloused hands on the bar.  “Me either, I just make them.” I fling a beer down the bar not wanting to take my attention from her.

    “Do you ride?” She leans forward, I notice her lip is pierced. “Yeah, a Harley,” She gestures down the bar at a punk girl asking for Jello shots. “You got a crew?” I shake my head. “Looking for one?” Her eyes flick over me. I shrug off a shiver. It’s summer, I’m working to pay for grad school. What’s your major?” She runs her fingers through her hair. “Culinary Arts and Creative Writing.” Slightly impressive. “What about you?” I ask, “Music Comp.” I refill her soda. “What do you play?” I shoot a martini down the bar. “Guitar, drums, bass, piano. I’m practically my own band.” Her laugh pulls me in.

    I find myself holding her hand, gently running my thumb across her throwing star tattoo.  “Spin, go take your break.”  Kat taps my shoulder. I nod and meet the mysterious Punk Goddess at the end of the bar. We slip out a side door, into the night. “So, Spin do you live around here?” She backs me into the wall.  “Yeah, like ten minutes that way.” I point, liking where this is going. “When do you get off?”  ‘Tonight hopefully, haha.’  “Two more hours, we close at 2.”  She leans in, on tippy toes, to my ear. “Do you have to stay?” I wrap my arms around her. “Well,” Her kisses down my jawline to my neck make my heart pound. “Not really. I could- get Kat- to cover for me.” Her hand drifts to my inner thigh. “Good, get your bike. I’ll be out front.” She drifts away like a Dark Faerie.

    As we ride to my place we swerve and circle around each other like an intricate mating dance. I take her hand and we run up my back steps. My dim basement room is filled with candles, neon lights (which are not on currently), and glow in the dark wall scribble. There’s laundry and books all over the floor. By the time we reach the bed our outer clothes have joined the other indistinguishable heaps. Lips meet with the fury of passion; hands trace the lines of lust over skin. The rush of desire fuels us until the sun breaks the horizon.

    When I wake up two things surprise me: 1 that Ash is still here and 2 that she’s tracing my lifeline. “Morning,” She pulls me in by my neck for a kiss. “It’s 2 pm. Wow”  ‘Last night was amazing!’  “Wow, what? Do you have to leave?” Distress crosses her beautiful features. “Just wow,” I raise up on my elbow. Looking down at her I realize the depth of my instant feelings.


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