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    HeartLake – (Chapter: Five: First Day of Class)

    When Kyla wakes up she realizes she hasn’t seen her roommate yet. It’s 8am. Class starts at 10. She gets dressed and goes over to Ashley’s room. Carmen opens the door. “I give up. You found me again.” She says. “Not to be rude but, why are you here?” Kyla sits in one of the desk chairs. Ashley rolls over, still asleep. “Ok, here’s the cliffnotes: Madison moved out and I moved in.” Carmen says leaning into a mirror to put on eyeliner. “Do you know why Madison moved out?” Kyla tries not to sound worried. She notices how cute Carmen looks in her uniform. “Not really. But I took her place because my roommate was her friend Sherry, whom I dislike very much.” “That was nice. At least Ash knows you already.” “Well, she seemed kool. Plus I wanted a change of scenery.” She puts on arm-warmers and boots. Ashley stretches and yawns.

    “Kyla?” She rubs her eyes. “Carmen? What are you doing here?” Her brain is all fuzzy. “It’s time to wake up.” Kyla points to her watch. “What time is it?” Ashley yawns. “Ten after eight.” Carmen announces. “Kyla! It’s an hour too early!” Ashley grumbles and goes back under her covers. “You’re gonna miss breakfast.” Kyla pulls off her covers. “Bitch!” Ashley whines and tries to cover herself with pillows.

    Thirty minutes later they’re at a table together picking at mediocre food. “I’m going to get some coffee.” Kyla excuses herself from the table. “Ok, so I wanted to ask you something…” Carmen turns to Ashley. “About what?” Ashley hopes Kyla brings her some coffee too. “About Kyla.” “Ok, shoot.” “Is she bi?” Carmen asks softly. “No, not to my knowledge.” Ashley shrugs. “Maybe a little curious?” Carmen inquires. “I don’t know. Why?” Ashley wants to know what this is about. “Well, I was thinking about asking her out…” Carmen mumbles through a mouthful of waffles. “You what?” Ashley didn’t catch any of that, it’s too early. “I want to ask her out.” “You can try. I mean, I don’t think she will hate you or anything. I’ve never even seen her glance at a girl though.” Ashley shrugs again, internally pissed that Kyla’s not even gay and is getting asked out by girls. “Can I ask you one more thing?” Carmen sips her juice. Ashley just nods thinking it probably can’t get worse. “Are you gay? Because people are saying that’s why you tried to beat Madison up.” Carmen whispers the word gay. Ashley nods very slightly, “I’m not out,”.

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    1. awesome update. hmm so wait are carmen and spence together? because if they are that might cause a problem or not seeing as how carmen is in to kyla. anyway great job! pms

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