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    HeartLake – (Chapter: Six: How Did You Know?)

    A week later Ashley is walking to the guidance office and she hears some voices coming from the hall. It’s Temperance and a tall redheaded woman. “Ok, I’ll see you after work.” Temperance hugs her and they peck on the lips. “Bye Tempe.” As the woman walks down the hall Ashley notices Tempe checking her out too. She waits a minute after Tempe goes in and follows. “Hi Ashley. How are you?” She sits down like usual. “How did you know?” Ashley ignores her question. “I don’t understand.” Tempe tilts her head. “How did you know you’re gay?” Ashley says slowly. Tempe shifts uncomfortably. “Why would you think I’m gay?”  “It’s just a hunch, Tempe.” Ashley says emphatically. Temperance sighs. “How much did you see?”  “Nothing good. Don’t worry. So, what’s her name?”  “Donna. Why did you confront me like this?”  “For leverage.” Ashley leans back in her chair. “Does it bother you?”  “No, it’s cool.”  “Then why do you need leverage?”  “To get answers to questions like ‘How did you know?’”

    “I was fifteen, I was developing sexually and showing no signs of interest in the opposite sex. I did some research and came to a realization.” Tempe recalls. “Research, really?” Ashley laughs. “Then I did some experiments.”  “With who?”  “With whom. Girls that I felt I could learn from.”  “Who was your first?”  “Her name was Angela.”  “So, how long have you and Donna been together?” Ashley decides not to ask about Angela. “About six months. Why are you so interested in my private life?” Tempe goes back to asking the questions. “Because a lesbian guidance counselor in an all girls catholic school is scandalous.” Ashley states this plain as day.

    “Since we’re delving into personal matters here, I should tell you that I know you’re gay too.” Tempe points out. “Shit! Are you gonna tell my mom?” Ashley starts to panic. “Please don’t. She already hates me. Imagine what she’d do if she found out I’m gay.” Ashley starts pacing. “Why do you think she hates you?” Tempe asks. “Because she ignores me and yells at me and blames me for everything. Look, just promise you won’t say anything. Please. She’d ship me off to detox camp or something.” Ashley begs. “I’m not allowed to release that information to her. But, I promise.” Ashley takes off. “Bye Tempe.”

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