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    HeartLake – (Chapter: One: Surprise)

    “Can you believe this, Ky? They can’t do this to us!” Ashley exclaims. She flops back on her sister’s bed. “Why are you so pissed? Isn’t all-girls school one of your perverted fantasies?” Kyla says from her computer. “Yeah, but not all-girls catholic boarding school in Michigan!” “Ok, I get your point. Are we even catholic?” Kyla clicks on the school’s website. “I don’t know, but personally I’d rather not commit to one single religion. Especially not Catholicism. It has way too many issues for my taste.” Ashley rants. “It seems like a pretty decent school. They have good credentials. And a kickass drama program!” Kyla scans the page. “Damnit Ky, I’m trying to rant! Gimme the keyboard!” Ashley pushes her sister out of the way. She does a search for Cartwright Girl’s School. “Oh great! Thanks to loser boyfriend number 23 we’re going to a haunted all-girls catholic boarding school in Michigan!” She yells. “What? Lemme see! ‘In 1988 three teens drowned in the lake at Cartwright Boarding School. The first was deemed a suicide of 17 year old Splendora Periwinkle, the second another suicide by 15 year old Emily Glen, and the third unknown cause of death for Peter Johnson. These deaths were consecutive within a two month period…’ Oh my god! Do they know about this?” Kyla is completely shocked. “This is just great! My sophomore year is starting and you’re gonna be a freshman.” Ashley prints out the page. “Well, I’m kind of excited about high school. I think it will be fun.” Kyla says. Ashley scowls at her, “Rule #1: No optimism! Hope doesn’t count for crap in high school.”


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