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    Neighbor-Boy – (Chapter: Twelve)

    It’s been a week since Christine assaulted Ashden. He sent the video to a lawyer who’s helping him set up a lawsuit. Spencer hasn’t been around because he doesn’t want her to see him in his current state, no binding and no ‘stuffing’. Every morning he wakes up to breasts and the empty space where the shadow resides. Turning over he pulls the cover on top of his head. Spencer will text or call, but he won’t answer. However, this morning is different. Christine is standing over his bed. She glares, “You’re disgusting. Get up and put this on.” Some clothes land on top of him. He squints at them and sighs. Skinny, skinny jeans, bra, halter, thong. “Ugh,” He ignores them, puts on boy clothes and goes downstairs. “You can’t wear that out.” Christine admonishes him. “Out where?” he ask, getting some Poptarts. “I’m meeting someone about starring in a movie. I need to make a good impression, it’s a family movie.” She talks to him like he’s stupid. “Take Kyla.” He says through his poptart. “Kyla has plans with her boyfriend.” “Well, I’m not going.” He goes up to his room and locks the door.
    He stomps around on the girl clothes a bit before noticing Spencer climbing through his window. “What… how did you…” He pulls her in and closes it back. “I tried the door but your mom wouldn’t let me in. Then I climbed up that vine thingy and walked to your window.” Her breathing is loud. “You didn’t have to.” He gets in the bed, clothes and all. “What’s wrong babe?” She sits with him. “Nothing. If my mom comes up you have to hide.” “Ash, tell me.” “Please don’t Spence.” His voice is muffled through covers. “Ash…” She gets under the covers with him.
    They lay for a while, still, breathing to keep them company.
    “Why do you love me?” Ashden whispers. “I don’t know. Is there supposed to be a reason for love?” Her hand on his shoulder. He doesn’t answer, quiet ensues. Her fingers explore his back. “Are you wearing a bra?” “She took my binding.” Ashden folds his arms. “Sorry.” Spencer’s not really sorry, it’s hot to her. “It’s a pain. I hate my breasts.” A moment when the pain comes through. “Don’t say that. You have great breasts.” She wants to grope him. “Maybe to you. I want them chopped off.” Disappointment. She can’t find the words to reply. “What about y’know… down there, would you change it?” She wonders. “Yeah,” More disappointment. She stays quiet. “You wouldn’t want me then.” He turns to look her in the eyes. “No,” She falters.
    “Would we be friends?” He takes her hand. “Yeah, eventually.” It would take time for her heart to heal. “I wish I wanted to be a girl for you.” He kisses her cheek, pulls her close. She can feel his breasts. “ could… try,” “Try how?” He shifts. “Nevermind. I don’t want to force you or anything.” “I said before that I was going to try.” He takes his shirt off along with his bra. “Are you sure?” He puts her hands on his chest. “I wanna see what it’s like.” She kisses his chest hungrily, sucking his nipples. Her hand dips down between the legs of her victim. He jumps and grabs her wrist. “Wait,” His eyes are closed. “not yet.” She brings her hand up to play with his other breast. Soon he moans and raises up. His hands are in her hair massaging her scalp, matching her rhythm. But, he flips them over. Then she takes him right back under her. “Nope, sorry.” When he pouts she bites his neck. A moan escapes him as her hand sneaks down to his thigh. “Spence…” She continues her kneading and kissing steadily creating a fire between his legs.
    When she starts to move her hand towards the fire he flips them again. “Ashden,” He pulls off her shirt and bra. While he’s distracted by her breasts she throws him on his back so she can pull his pajama  pants off. Then she slips her hand into his briefs, stroking him, making him whimper. “Want me to stop?” She circles his entrance, leaving kisses on his abs.  He shakes his head. “You’ll be ok. Relax.” She pulls down his briefs. She spreads his legs and drags her tongue through his folds. Working slow and gentle she dips into his entrance. “Ok, stop.” He grabs her hair. “I can’t. I’m sorry.”  She sighs sitting up. “It’s fine. I shouldn’t have pressured you.” “It’s not that. I wanted to let you do this, really. It just, ugh… I don’t know, felt really wrong.”


    1. well at least he tried for spence but now she needs to respect that it’s not who he is. although it was pretty harsh that she said she wouldn’t want him if he fully changed into what he wants to be but at the same time that’s something that she can’t help either. anyway, great update, I love this story so much and will be very very sad when it ends. oh yea and christine needs to be locked up and made into someone’s bitch. pms!

    2. ugh , Spencer is as bad as Christine just less Violent, talk about not understanding and a bit selfish. Ugh , Throw Christine’s ass in Jail pls, okie someone needs to just bitch slap some sense into Spencer or something. I love this story Update SOON!! I’ve worked with alot of Teens and have alot of friends who go through the same issues as Ashden.. SO It’s rough to find someone that can understand what they are going through

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