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    Neighbor-Boy – (Chapter: Note on Eleven-B)

    dropped my fricken laptop. I feel like killing her. Now I’m stuck back on the desktop. But the worst part is that I was halfway done the chapter. It’s stuck on sleep and i cant get to it. I don’t have any of it on here. I know, it sux. And Idk when I’m gonna be able to get it fixed. I’m thinking about starting over but it won’t be as good. You guys tell me: go from scratch or wait until I can finish? Or I just had another idea. I have another fanfic in the works. I could post some of that. The storyline is Ashley and Spencer meet at an all girls catholic boarding school. Kyla and Carmen also appear, as lovers. You guys vote. I’ll post what you want.


    1. Well anything you post is fantastic :) I think it would be interesting to see the catholic boarding school one lol But I’ll read whatever you decide to write about :)

    2. i think you should wait for it but um..idk if your like me but after sum point you for get the details that you work so just in case plot out what it as about n you could post the catholic one if you want…i’ll read any of your posts

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