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    New Girl 101 (Sister bonding)

    We arrive at my house, I call Spencer and tell her to be over by 5 for dinner. Pizza, my specialty. I look out the window and see Spence pull in the driveway…Hope she likes Gwen, more importantly I hope Gwen likes her. What am I saying? Of course she’ll like her, Spencer is amazing. 

    (Knock, Knock)

    I open the door to that sweet gorgeous face. 

    Spencer: Hey, I brought some brownies I made yesterday…(nervous smile, oh my god she looks so beautiful in that knee high blue dress.)

    Ashley: Haha, (I catch my breath) Its ok Spence. Its pizza, nothing fancy. 

    Spencer: Ok… I feel a little over dressed…(she chuckles nervously)

    Ashley: Gwen is setting up her room, are you nervous?

    Spencer: No…(I lift a brow)…Yeah, a little. 

    Ashley: Don’t be, she’s gunna love you! I promise.

    (She smiles at me and kisses and hugs me, then walks in the kitchen and sets the brownies down.)

    Ashley: I’ll be right back!

    (I run into Gwen’s room, and close the door behind me.)

    Gwen: Um, whoa. Knocking would be nice?

    Ashley: Spencer’s here!!

    Gwen: So?

    Ashley: Please be nice, Please like her!

    Gwen: Gesh, I’ve never seen you so worked up about a girl before…What have you done with Ashley??

    Ashley: Har har, now quit the jokes and tell me what I should do!

    Gwen: What are you talking about?

    Ashley: God, I’m ordering pizza for our first dinner….I’m so lame. Should I get fancy and cater it? I know its last minute but…

    (Gwen grabs my shoulders)

    Gwen: ASHLEY. Its going to be ok. You act like you haven’t had a date in forever. What happened to Ashley Davies, the ladies….lady? 

    Ashley: I know…ugh but I just want her to have a good time. 

    Gwen: Well, she will.

    Ashley: How do you know?

    Gwen: Because, she’ll be with you. If she sees what I see in you, than she will see all the crazy awesome neurotic beautiful things that make up Ashley.Davies.

    Ashley: Wow, did you plan that heartfelt, romantic comedy speech all by yourself?

    Gwen: There she is, my sister is back! and….yes as soon as you told me she was coming to dinner.haha

    (We walk out and I see Spencer standing with her back toward us, facing the window. Was she practicing greeting Gwen? haha, too cute)

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