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    Ohio Story

    Ohio Story

    True to her word, when the party became too much for Spencer to handle, Ashley got her out of there. They are on their way to someplace where they can hang out alone. They didn’t even have to leave Aiden’s house. Ashley just walked behind Spencer and pushed her through the crowd, out of the living room into a long hallway with several doors on either side.

    “Where’re we going’?” Spencer asks, puzzled.

    “To a room where no one will bother us.” Ashley replies with certainty.

    “Ash, it’s a party there’s probably people fucking in every room …can’t we just leave?” Spencer pleads.

    “Trust me Spence, there’s no way anyone is in the room I’m taking you to.” Ashley insists

    They make it to the last door on the left and just as they turn the corner to go upstairs to the second floor, and Ashley stops, let’s go of Spencer’s chair.

    “Hold on a sec.” She tells Spencer, as if she’s going to go somewhere else.

    She walks to the door and opens it to reveal a closet filled with clothes on hangers, but nothing on the floor.

    “Ta-duh!” She presents the room similar to when the models on game shows present new prizes.

    “Ha ha! Spencer laughs.  A closet? It’s not that small, but still we can’t both fit in there comfortably.”

    Without another word, Ashley parts the rack of clothes in the middle, pushing them to the sides. Then, she steps forward facing the center of what looks like the back wall of the closet. Spencer still has no idea what’s going on as she looks in at her friend from outside the door. No idea until now that is. The wall lifts revealing a secret room much to Spencer’s surprise.

    “Are you shitting me?! They’re only supposed to have these things in movies!”

      “C’mon!” Ashley says with a huge smile.

    Spencer wheels in to the room, taking a look around, she’s sees a mini-fridge, a TV, a Dr. Pepper machine and a bed.

    “Pretty badass huh?” Ashley pauses. “We can talk in a sec…first I got to close the door.”

    Now that the door is closed and they both have a cold Dr. Pepper in hand. The conversation has begun. Ashley is sitting on the bed with her feet over the edge. Spencer has wheeled up to her so they are face to face. Ashley grabs the TV control, and turns it on.

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