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    Beyond My Knowing, chapter 36

    The thoughts around her were like shifting flares of light, blown on the wind. They didn’t usually feel that way, but they did now. She’d never used her abilities like this before though, so it made sense that it might be a different sensory experience for her.

    Kes was darting through the city streets, Artem close behind her. They’d started out heading for Garlis’s bakery, hoping to find Janarin there. Hoping Janarin would be able to tell them where Thalla was. As they’d gotten closer though, Kes had extended her mind out to search for Thalla ahead of their arrival. She’d found five people in the building, their location recognizable easily from the sense of the scent of baking bread she got from the minds of the people there, and, of course, by their thoughts about bread.

    There had been two men (Garlis and his son Kaylin, Kes had assumed). The others had been female. Janarin, Kes had soon recognized because she’d been thinking of baking, which she was currently engaged in doing, and about Thalla, who had gone through so much and she wanted to help feel better. The other two women had been a woman and her daughter, there to buy bread for their family. With her thoughts focused on Janarin, and her moving towards the girl who was her destination, the other thoughts around her had taken on that more ethereal moving light-like quality. She saw them, assessed if they were dangerous or too close, and moved accordingly, all the while keeping one singular point of contact before her, with Anara’s connection to her, strong and thriving, continually energizing her from where she’d come from. It felt like she was moving along a lit path that shifted with her as she chose her way forward.

    They were a few blocks away when Janarin told Kaylin that she was going to take a break, go for a walk, and have her breakfast. Kes’s eyes opened a little wider when she realized that Janarin intended to take enough food for two and share her breakfast with Thalla, her best friend.

    -She’s leaving.- She spoke mind-to-mind to Artem. -She’s bringing Thalla breakfast. We’re following her.-

    Kes could sense Artem’s palpable relief that his sister was unharmed and that they’d found her. He gave his assent and continued to follow along as Kes made her way carefully through the city’s streets and alleyways. Her route was more circuitous than Janarin’s, to avoid areas where the risk of being seen would be too great, but Kes had a solid, if entirely passive, link built with Janarin’s mind now, and was very sure she wouldn’t lose track of her.

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    1. Oh no,never this easy. THALLA is going with them but the self-doubt is there and knowing how JANARIN feels towards her is enough for her to seek out her mother. KES should be wary of that ship,just a feeling like it isn’t what she thinks it is. Say your goodbyes and go and hurry.Loving this story.THANKS,ps.

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