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    A Different L: Episode 7 Part 5

    Sunday is a work day for Alex and Lucy at the D.E.O. with Alex being called in. Alex sees Lucy staring at the monitors, one of which has a Breaking News chyron from one of the local channels.

    Lucy: You’re not gonna believe it.

    Alex: Why, what’s going on?

    Lucy motions with her head to the monitors. Alex sees photo images and mugshots of two rather colorful criminals who have managed to break free.

    Alex: Livewire and Silver Banshee? How? I thought they were supposed to be under strict surveillance?

    Lucy: Remember that breakout at Arkham? Turns out one of the escapees was Victor Fries. Believed dead, but turns out to be alive, well, and using that same freeze ray to break out other super powered criminals.

    Alex: We should have held on those two.

    Lucy: We couldn’t. We’re supposed to be monitoring extra terrestrial threats.

    Alex: They may of Earth, but they’re still threats. They could have at least let STAR Labs take them in.

    Lucy: Then they would be attacking STAR Labs and trying to…

    Alex and Lucy look at one another.

    Alex: Calling Doctor Wells now!

    While Alex is checking in with Harrison Wells, Daisy and Kara are being made aware of the news in Kara’s apartment. Kara is switching over to Supergirl, outfit and all.

    Daisy: Let me go with you. I think between the both of us, we can them down.

    Daisy takes in the view of her girlfriend’s transformation.

    Supergirl: I need to be the one who handles this.

    Daisy: Just you? Didn’t they give both you and the Flash problems? You need someone who can cancel out Silver Banshee, because you know what she’s capable of.

    Supergirl: Yeah, but what if you get hurt?

    Daisy: Then I get hurt. Then I get back up and kick some ass. Same as you. Come on, it’ll great!

    Supergirl: Okay, but I can’t just fly you everywhere and fight them.

    Daisy grins.

    Daisy: Don’t worry about me. You take the air, I’ll take the ground. Besides, I have a feeling we won’t be alone on this one.

    Daisy and Supergirl are face to face and ready to look for the escaped villains. They grab each others faces and exchange a kiss to the lips.

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