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    A Different L: Episode 7 Part 6

    The Planet cafe has closed for the evening. It is a Sunday night so there is no bar for the patrons to enjoy. Instead it is just Thea enjoying the silence of the empty establishment. A knock is heard as Thea continues checking messages through her tablet. Thea looks at the door and sees Sara in full White Canary gear.

    White Canary: No going out tonight?

    Thea shakes her head.

    Thea: No.

    White Canary: You heard from Ollie?

    Thea: Nope. Doesn’t wanna talk to anyone. You know how he is.

    Sara can sense the dismissal.

    White Canary: You wanna talk about it?

    Thea: What’s there to talk about? The Planet’s closed, I’m trying to get my mind to relax.

    White Canary: A little stressed?

    Thea looks away from her tablet and now at White Canary.

    Thea: You’re dressed to fight crime and you’re wasting time checking on me.

    White Canary: Checking on you isn’t a waste, especially when I’ve kinda grown accustomed to teaming up with you. But hey, you don’t feel like doing anyway so, I’ll just let you be.

    Thea: Good. Thanks.

    White Canary: Okay, what’s going on?

    Thea: I had an arrow pointed at you last night. When you and Ollie were fighting.

    White Canary: So you saw all that?

    Thea nods.

    White Canary: I thought were you weren’t up for patrol last night?

    Thea: I changed my mind.

    White Canary smirks to herself.

    White Canary: I see. Oliver’s gotta be mad at the world and now little sister has to be as well. Is that what I’m getting?

    Thea: I just wanna be left alone right now. You all coulda checked in earlier when the place was open. I might have been a little more open to talk then.

    White Canary: Okay. I least tried to drop by. And by the way, it doesn’t help when you don’t appear in the mood to talk to anyone in the first place. It may explain why nobody dropped by in the first place.

    Elsewhere in the city, two villains approach a felled Black Canary, who continues to bleed out the nose, ears, and mouth. She is beginning to come to and feels nothing, but pain.

    Silver Banshee: Let’s stand her up and unmask her.

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    1. SUPERGIRL/DAISY to the rescue.WHITE CANARY safe but is she gonna make it?THEA guilt ridden about her friend and she should be.Can MARIA get anymore annoying?Who is the mysterious man that released the criminals just to take one woman and who is she to him?THANKS,ps.

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