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    A Different L: Episode 7 Part 7

    There has been little sleep for Maria in Lower Manhattan on this Monday morning. After initial reports of a Supergirl sighting and a possible confrontation with Livewire and Silver Banshee, the trail just as suddenly went cold. Delivering the early morning wakeup call is just part of the job.

    Maria: How are these people escaping and disappearing on our watch?

    On the other end of the call at the SHIELD base outside of Los Angeles is Director Phil Coulson.

    Phil: We’ve been asking that same question ourselves. Something out there wants these criminals boxed up for themselves and the fact that this is all happening during a time of turmoil within the intelligence community can’t a mere coincidence. Somebody knows something and isn’t sharing.

    Maria: So you think that this could be the act of someone within ARGUS or the D.E.O.?

    Phil: I’m not sure. I do know that at one time, Leslie Willis was an imprisoned enemy combatant, but was able to escape after an attack by Smythe. After that, they were imprisoned in the same facility that houses some other nutcases who call themselves “Trickster” and “Toyman.” In short, L.A.’s kinda weird and we’ve narrowed down our icey individual responsible to Victor Fries, nicknamed “Mister Freeze.” The nicknames really annoy me.

    Maria: We have a more pressing issue that annoys me. Find them, bring them in. We can stick them in a hole somewhere next the Blonsky, or since you’re a fan of nicknames, the Abomination.

    Phil: As for Willis and Smythe, the trail leads to a dead end in an alley where it seems so many of these struggles take place. We did find traces of blood near one of the dumpsters. Thanks to Agent Simmons we were able to get an immediate trace. Guess who it belongs to?

    Maria: I’m really not in the mood for guessing games.

    Phil: Laurel Lance, better known in our files as the Black Canary. It appears she would be the person Supergirl was seen flying with late last night.

    Maria: Let me guess. She was able to track down Livewire and Silver Banshee before SHIELD. And then she got hurt. How are these vigilantes able to make better progress, Phil?

    Phil: People like the Lance sisters are familiar with the territory. It’s also why we need clearance to bring these people in.

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    1. Whatever was SARA thinking did not go unnoticed by KAREN. So the criminals are now being caged by the criminals that broke them out,why?and what plans do MR.FREEZE and FISH MOONEY have in store for them? Time for CAULSON and MARIA to stop with the talking and do something.Thanks,ps

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