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    A Different L: Episode 8 Part 1

    Somewhere unknown.

    They are monitored carefully, the makeup that had served as warpaint cracking and breaking upon the face of Silver Banshee. Livewire stands with her arms crossed as she sees the woman in a silver dress stand before her on the other side of the cell.

    Livewire: Seriously, she needs a touchup. I mean look at her. She’s gonna go crazy and then I’m gonna go crazy.

    Livewire sees the smirk on the other side. She sees the mysterious eyes, one brown, the other blue, along with the blood red tips accentuating her black hair.

    Fish: I assure you, crazy is our specialty and you’ll fit right in. Tell me, Miss Willis. Who is your greatest enemy.

    Livewire: Like I told you the first thousand times, Supergirl!

    Fish: No. Your real enemy. The one who sent you down this path. The one that you and your friend there have in common that doesn’t fly. The one who controls the conversation.

    Livewire: …Cat Grant?

    Fish Mooney smiles.

    Fish: Ah. It seems you’re finally coming around. The so-called Supergirls of the world are a thorn in our side, but they are just another enemy and with her, she’ll become an example of our domination of this city. Until then, I’ve done some research on you girls. Both of you worked for Catherine Grant and both of you were unceremoniously dumped from your jobs. With her controlling the media and thus, the conversation, what else were you to do than try and gain revenge? It hasn’t worked out so well for you. So far. When you’re ready, you’ll both be able to make her miserable. She thinks she’s strong, but no one is as strong as I am. And the two of you are going to help me prove it soon enough.

    Livewire: That’s great, but I don’t see how we can do that from in here.

    Silver Banshee: Let… us… out.

    Fish: Only when you scream loud enough.

    Silver Banshee had initially screamed at the reinforced barrier separating them from apparent freedom, but with no luck. Since then, she had grown mostly silent. The silence has built to rage as she grits her teeth and looks at Fish on the other side. She lets out a blood curdling scream, loud enough to cause Livewire to suddenly pass out, her ears bleeding. The powered scream results in a crack that leads to a shattering of the specialized plexiglass. As the glass shatters, Silver Banshee’s voice dries up. It took all that she had and now she drops to her knees. Fish steps forward and places her right hand on Banshee’s head, causing the tired villain’s eyes to widen into a glazed position. Fish leaves her in this state as she walks over to Livewire who struggles to get up to her knees.

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