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    A Different L: Episode 8 Part 6

    Somewhere unknown.

    She sits with her finger tips pressed together, looking at the man nicknamed to the world as “Mr. Freeze” standing to her right and grins.

    Fish: They’ve been led right where I need them to be. My little electric friend and her screamer of a girlfriend have just completed my next move.

    Mr. Freeze: They were captured.

    Fish: Yes, Victor they were. I was counting on it. Catherine Grant has nothing to offer me except a stage to proclaim my ultimate triumph. With them not returning and Grant already issuing statements through her own media that Supergirl, Quake, and the Flash saved the day and brought Silver Banshee and Livewire down, it will only increase the tension. They’ll be expecting more of these attacks. The Los Angeles Police Department and Miss Spivot will be expecting access to granted to them to whatever holding cell those two have wound up in. And I have someone ready to confirm that location. I have my suspicions, but it’s always better to know for certain than to simply assume. Spivot watches them. But I… am watching her.

    Fish smiles into a laugh. Everything is going according her plan.

    It is an early Saturday evening and two friends have decided to meet up elsewhere in L.A., away from the crowd. It is a restaurant that Alex walks into, her attire a black dress with match heels. This meetup feels different. It has all the makings of a date and upon seeing Trish in her gold dress with blue heels begins to suspect she may be right. She does not mind at all, either.

    Trish: You look great. Love the black.

    Alex: I’m guess I’m kind of used to wearing it a lot. You look beautiful.

    Trish smiles.

    Trish: Thanks.

    So they begin.

    While Alex and Trish begin their evening together, Oliver has checked in at STAR Labs. The world is used to Oliver Queen being absent and out of the spotlight. With his own room inside the facility, Oliver is ready to disappear forever, leaving only the Green Arrow in his place.

    Take away your things and go
    You can’t take back what you said, I know”

    Oliver sits at the edge of his cot, ready his mask in his hand.

    I’ve heard it all before, at least a million times
    I’m not one to forget, you know”

    Daisy finds herself sharing whisky from the bottle with Jessica while Felicity types away on her laptop.

    I don’t believe, I don’t believe it”

    Supergirl meanwhile flies about, pausing at Santa Monica.

    You left in peace, left me in pieces”

    Livewire sits in her cell, the anger slowly building, electricity flowing through her palms.

    Too hard to breathe, I’m on my knees
    Right now, ’ow”

    Oliver has dropped to his knees on the floor, wrapping the domino mask around his face. This is all he is now.


    1. So the trap has been set but will the rats get the cheese? Another budding romance and yet another pines for love lost.GREEN ARROW is falling deeper into the darkside of himself,hope he can be counted on when the time comes.THANKS. Glad SUPERGIRL/DAISY made up and CUPID shot off her

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