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    A Different L: Episode 8 Part 5

    It is Saturday Morning and the party has been over for a short time. Carrie is no longer in her Cupid gear. By this point, she is not in much at all aside from the bedsheets covering her Lisa, both exhausted from the evening. Lisa turns over in bed and opens her eyes, facing Carrie. A grin forms upon her face. There was loyalty and sleep. After the captures and recruitment, the training and the release, all of which appears leading into an uncertain future, Lisa closes her eyes and enjoys the tranquility of Cupid at her side.

    At STAR Labs, Siobhan has exhausted her voice to the point she feels numbness in the throat. The powers of the Silver Banshee have been neutralized in her holding cell. Her anger leads to grief. She was so close to freedom. For Livewire, there is only rest inside of her own cell. While Silver Banshee may be too emotional to understand what has happened, Leslie remains calm. The effect of Fish Mooney has disipated. Livewire was happy to be done with Cat Grant. Fish Mooney had managed to make her feel otherwise. She and Siobhan had just been marched into certain defeat. They were a test run for whomever Fish considered more important at that base. Cat was no longer her greatest enemy. Even Supergirl was spared now. At least with Supergirl, the confrontation was always head on. There was begrudging respect. She felt used by Fish. Mooney had just become the enemy.

    Hours of interrogation had gotten nowhere for Supergirl, the Flash, and the others at STAR Labs. Almost as if on command Livewire and Silver Banshee had been made to go into a trance once captured. Daisy wakes up in bed inside Kara’s apartment. There had been little sleep for either at this point and while it was possible the trance had worn off by now, Daisy was now seeing an unfamiliar sight to her very familiar girlfriend. It was Kara, still in her Supergirl gear, passed out on the bed.

    Daisy had managed to change out of her gear and into a simple t-shirt for bed. She was under the covers. She does not remember Kara going to sleep, just wanting to have some time alone upon flying back home. Daisy sees Supergirl lying on bed, the covers underneath her, her cape trapped between her body and the covers themselves. Supergirl is sound asleep as Daisy inches closer, still under the covers. Sliding over to Supergirl’s right arm, Daisy begins to caress it, down to the hands which feel soft, but conceals much strength. The right hand rests peacefully over the midsection, just above the skirt with the golden waist. Daisy’s right hand slides down to the skirt itself. She has always admired it. Lifting it upward reveals the bottom of the blue leotard and the thighs that are still covered by the coffee colored tights that Daisy’s palm now takes in before sliding back upwards to Supergirl’s right hand. The moment bring her a smile, Daisy leans over with a kiss to the right cheek which elicits a soft moan from Kara herself. Daisy pulls herself up enough to look down at her face, leaning down for another kiss, this time to the lips. There is an exhale in response, followed by another kiss which is received. The kiss lingers as Supergirl opens her eyes, noticing her left hand has now greeted Daisy’s right cheek softly. Daisy pulls away and smiles.

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