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    You Can Try To

    Image result for ghostbusters atc logo

    Manhattan, New York.

    From time to time, Erin Gilbert likes to take in the scenery of New York from the rooftop. Floors below inside Ghostbusters headquarters, Patty is monitoring a reading while Abby and Jillian check the containment unit. At least that is what Jillian Holtzmann was doing until a moment ago.

    She opens the door to the rooftop where Erin is leaning against the wall, her arms on the ledge and crossed. She turns to see Jillian entering with her silver stereo radio/tape player.

    Jillian “Hey.”

    Erin “Hey, Holtzmann. Abby send you up here?”

    Jillian “Just figured you might want some company. Maybe some jams.”

    On the roof, there is a small table that Jillian has welded there sometime prior. It was meant for any rooftop experiments, but most of the time it serves as a base for the radio she carries around. Such is its use at this moment as she places it there. Erin turns her back to the city, leaning against the wall as she focuses on Jillian.

    Erin “Oh, what did you bring this time?”

    Jillian “I made a mixtape. Just now getting to the last song of side one. Still trying to figure out how to dance to it.”

    Erin grins, walking away from the short wall behind her and towards Jillian.

    Erin “So you have dancing in mind, do you?”

    Jillian “Yeah, need to loosen up a bit. All this research and tracking can really tense up the muscles.”

    Erin “Then I would love to join you.”

    Jillian pauses and smiles at Erin. This is everything she has wanted to hear for the last three years.

    Jillian “Sweet.”

    She presses Play on the tape player and after a second of silence, the music begins playing and Erin recognizes it immediately. Jillian has a tendency to pick up on nuances and preferences. Some time ago, Erin had discussed listening to Def Leppard as a child and now “Hysteria” is playing. By the smile on Erin’s face, Jillian did good this time.

    Erin “Ah. I love this song. I played this whole album nonstop for the longest time as a girl.”

    As Erin talks, Jillian begins awkwardly dancing in front of her, much to Erin’s amusement.

    Jillian “Cool, teach me some of your dance moves from this one.”

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