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    A Different L: Episode 8 Part 4

    As Friday drifts into nightime, the yacht of Lisa Snart, the Golden Glider has received two other visitors. Everyone else on the yacht pauses while realizing all of this is happening. Lisa turns to Eliza Harmon a.k.a. Trajectory.

    Lisa: You invited White Canary, too?

    White Canary: Lyla invited me. She told me what happened.

    Brie: Where’s the other Canary?

    White Canary: Black Canary’s on another job.

    Lisa: I’ve often been curious as to why she wears a mask, but you don’t.

    White Canary: She likes too many other people. I don’t look like anyone.

    Trajectory: Michaels, that sucks about what happened.

    Lyla: Yeah, you’re eavesdropping was a little much, but thanks.

    Trajectory: They never noticed me. I don’t think they did. They didn’t, did they?

    Lyla: If they did, they would have done something. You weren’t the only one there.

    Trajectory: Wait. You mean…?

    White Canary: She’s talking about the Flash.

    Linda: Maybe they figured one would take care of the other.

    Cupid: We don’t have to worry about anyone trying to take care of us. We’re free.

    Lyla: No, you’re being watched. Constantly. SHIELD is probably looking at this party right now.

    Brie: Really? Maybe I can have my bees go into the formation of a middle finger.

    Lyla: And then SHIELD will cite you on some public obscenity law and the rest of you, accomplices.

    White Canary: Any excuse they can use to throw you into a hole they will. Compared to SHIELD, you’ll be hoping it’s me beating you up next time you decide to commit a crime.

    Lisa: It’s too bad Huntress couldn’t make it. It sounds like she has another gig already.

    “I do.”

    Her voice is known, her attire is that of a fancy dress and no mask. She still has the crossbow however.

    Helena: And we are being watched. I verified. We could do something about it, but then we’re all in trouble again.

    Trajectory: How? I looked everywhere before coming here.

    Helena: They hide carefully. My boss would like to have a word with you all.

    Lyla: You’ve always been freelance.

    Helena: No, that’s just always been the story, but now-

    The voice of a man interrupts. He is in a tie with a business vest, but no jacket on this warm Summer night. He also has his hat and his guard Dembe walking along with him.

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    1. So the villains of TEAM X wants to bond with the others but why?LIVEWIRE/BANSHEE was under FISH’s control yet why go after CAT GRANT unless it’s a trap to release more using them as bait,perhaps.THANKS,ps

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