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    A Different L: Episode 8 Part 3

    It is a fine yacht that Lisa Snart’s brother Leonard once managed to usurp from another. It was now hers as a gift. Walking along it, she was thankful that the yacht itself was still in decent shape under control of ARGUS. Now free, the yacht was hers again and Lisa, the Golden Glider of crime was now joined by Carrie Cutter, known better as Cupid.

    Lisa: Really… You felt the need to go full uniform?

    Cupid: Why not? I’m a free woman. I have my gadgets back. You have yours.

    Lisa: I prefer to keep mine stocked away for now.

    Cupid: Oh…

    Cupid reaches into her quiver, pulling out an arrow with a red heart-shaped design for the arrowhead itself.

    Cupid: …That’s a shame. I came to party, but I also came to party.

    Lisa: I think it would be better to keep a lower profile for now. There’s something in the wind. Leonard and his hot headed friend still refuse to enter the city. ARGUS just let us go before we could go on any missions. The news is going on about super villain breakouts and SHIELD consolidations. I don’t know what it is, my little Cupid, but something is going down and it’s going to be soon.

    Lisa happens to notice Cupid blush for a moment, intriguing her.

    Lisa: Hmm.

    Cupid: Your little Cupid?

    Cupid cannot help but grin.

    Lisa: You seem to like that.

    Cupid: I won’t deny it.

    There is a tension in the air and Lisa can sense it, though for Cupid, that tension is different. As the Friday afternoon progresses, others who were part of what would have been the new Task Force X of ARGUS arrive at the yacht. Those others currently include Brie and Linda. Linda’s only remnant of her Dr. Light uniform are the goggles.

    Linda: Helena’s not gonna make it.

    Lisa: Why not?

    Linda: She’s already picked up another gig.

    Cupid: That girl is a wild one.

    Brie: She’s scary. Where’s Tra-

    Trajectory suddenly arrives in full gear.

    Trajectory: Am I late? Early? I can’t tell.

    Lisa: You’re here.

    Trajectory: You’re not gonna believe what’s going down at ARGUS right now. Oh, that reminds me I invited Lyla.

    Lisa: You what???

    Trajectory: Trust me, you’ll know why after I tell you what happened.

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    1. Now that the members of TEAM X are free will they stay that way?MARIA/CAULSON and SPIVOT are not wrking as a team but the criminals are.SPIVOT has tunnel-vision where SUPERGIRL is concerned,why?Alls fair in love and war even amongst criminals.Thanks,ps.

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