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    The Tibette Collection – A Weekend Retreat Part 3 – Saturday Night Special Conclusion

    Author’s Note –

    This is the final part of this short story. It’s been an exciting tale filled with tons of love and respect for each other between Bette and Tina. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for following along. 


    Previously From A Weekend Retreat Part 2 –

    “I love you to pieces too babe.” Bette started walking them towards the en suite. “Jacuzzi time woman.”

    “Sounds like heaven.” The blonde planted kisses all along Bette’s chin and cheek. “You, me, warm water, bubbles and uh, wine. What more can a wife ask for?”

    “Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something Kennard.” Bette teased.

    “Hey.” Tina shot back, kicking her bare feet and making Bette lurch forward.

    “Watch it blondie.” Bette stumbled through the doorway and into the en suite. “I’ve got precious cargo in my hands.”

    “Cargo?… Cargo?” Tina huffed. She playfully hit Bette on the chest. “Let me down you brute.”

    Bette laughed, raised her brows and gently set her wife down on her feet so she could stand up. She looked Tina in the eyes and pulled her close again.

    “You are the very best kind of cargo my love.” Bette kissed on the lips and then slid her own robe off and dropped it behind her. “You are the finest diamond I have ever seen.”

    “Smooth Porter.” Tina wrapped her arms around her wife’s neck. Their bodies pressing against the other. “Real smooth.”

    “I try.” The brunette encircled her wife’s waist. “Babe, sit on the edge of the tub for me.”

    “I thought we were getting into the Jacuzzi?” Tina had a questioning look on her face, but easily complied with her wife’s request. She took in all the preparation Bette had put into setting up their time to be spent in the water this evening.

    “We will in a few minutes.” Bette brushed Tina’s hair with both her hands. Feeling the silkiness there. She cupped Tina’s face and brought her own lips down for a sweet kiss. Loving the sight of her wife. “I have another treat for you that I hope you’ll love” . . . .

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Inn at Erlowest – Fall 2015 – Saturday Evening

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      • Hey Zhenya,

        Hope all is well in your world.

        Good to know that I hit the mark on the sexiness of the chapter!!! I wanted to give them a little bit of fun & show their admiration for each other in this short story. Super to know the intent came off nicely.

        I have a few more chapters in the FMF novel & the sequel. But it is coming to an end too.

        I have 1 more collection story to post.

        Getting ready to post a brand new story too!!! That will be a long one with lots of drama, action & lovin’.

        Take care & thanks as always for taking the time to comment.


    1. Hey Collins,

      I hope you have many more plans just like Tina has, but for you to write many more chapters about this amazing couple!

      What a incredible hot end for their weekend away, just the two of them together, reconnection in so many ways. You can literally feel their deep love and passion for each other!

      Well written my friend ♥️

      • Hey back lady,

        Thanks for being a loyal supporter!!

        I have many more chapters ready to go & more being planned as we speak. So both Tina & Bette will be very busy – have no doubt!!!

        This is the way I envisioned them after OG & how their life played out in NYC . Happy & in love!!!

        So glad that the chapter had an impact that you could feel & appreciate.

        Till next time my friend.


    2. What a great last chapter to this story. I have so enjoyed reading this. My favorite line

      It was never a question of if they loved each other. Because they did with all their hearts.

      Just lovely.

      I look forward to reading more from you, Collins.

      • Hi Westy,

        I am so happy that you enjoyed this short story & all the love that was poured into it.

        As I write the different chapters & stories, there are lines and phrases that kind of stand out more than others. Pleased that you found one here that you really liked.

        Hope you are enjoying my other story too.

        As I mentioned earlier, I am getting ready to post a brand new story with this great couple as the centerpiece of the story. Please be on the lookout for it in a few weeks.

        Thanks again for your feedback & comment.

        All the best!!!

        Until next time –

    3. Okay Collins – WOW, what a chapter!!!
      I felt like I was right there in the en suite with them!! I sipped my wine and imaged myself along for the ride.

      It was truly awesome. It was sexy and beautiful. I loved it!!!

      They treat each other so well – the teasing, the touching, the loving. Bette took care of Tina in her own special way. I like the fact that they respect each other so much and talk to each other. To me that helps set them apart from other fiction couples. They are so attuned to each other and willing to do anything to make the other happy.

      Thank you for your story telling skills and that you share them with us. I really like the way you write – it’s fresh and loving.

      Can’t wait for more from you.

      • Hey Kira,

        Realism is what we writers strive for & so happy you felt it in this story! That is so nice to know.

        They are a naturally sexy couple & it is so easy to write about them & share their love. I think the majority of the writers on this site have all done a fabulous job of writing this couple. They are so strong as a couple & as individuals that have made accommodations for the other in their life.

        I may revisit this storyline some time in the future, but for now I will leave them happy, in love & devoted to each other.

        Thanks for your kind words & encouragement.

        More stories to come.

        Best regards always.


    4. Super hot!!
      Very well done!!

      I enjoyed this story and thought it was super intimate in a very loving way. They are so sweet with each other and the perfect match.

      Hope you have more special weekends planned for them that you will share with us. I really like the way you weave their love for each other into the backgrounds of the stories you write.

      Waiting for the next adventure!!!

      • Leigh –

        You are so right in that they are the perfect couple – always have been in my fanfic world!!

        I do have a some ideas on a few more special weekends for them, but it may be a while until I can get to those short stories. I am trying to finish up FMF & its sequel & then I have a brand new novel that is just about ready to start posting!!

        I hope you will enjoy the remaining chapters of FMF & then give my new story a try too!!

        Thanks for your vote of confidence & your thoughtful comments about my writing.

        Really sweet!!!

        Take care


          • Hey Leigh

            Thanks so much for asking about the new story. It’s almost ready to start posting.

            Sooooooo, some hints – here goes –

            * It will cover 20 years of their relationship
            * Bette has an older brother
            * Tina has a younger sister
            * They meet at college
            * Some of the story will take place overseas – in England
            * There will be some other OG characters in it – some interesting favorites!!!

            Okay lady – that’s all the hints for now.!!!

            Thank you so much for being interested in what the story is about.
            It’s almost ready to start posting & I’m super excited about the story line

            Please keep a sharp eye out for the posting – it will be soon.

            Thanks again & be safe.


            • Thank you so much for all the little hints. Lots of details and a great storyline. This sounds like a terrific story and I cant’s wait to start reading it.

              Hope you bring back lots of the OG cast and they have an important role in the story.

              Thanks for sharing and I’ll be looking for it.

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