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    Sequel Chapter 5 – Date Night in Toronto

    Previously From The Sequel Chapter 4 ~

    Bette had asked Tina if she could plan their first official date. She wanted to treat and spoil the blonde to everything. She wanted to demonstrate to Tina what it was like to be treated like a queen and be cherished like never before. She wanted to woo the blonde and was determined to succeed.

    So Tina had willingly given in to the brunette’s request. She agreed to go on their first date and allowed Bette to plan every detail. The brunette had kissed her and promised a date she would never forget. Bette promised Tina it would be her last first date.

    The blonde was nervous the day of the actual date and yet she was extremely excited as well. She was more than infatuated with the stunning brunette. And she knew it. The brunette was constantly in Tina’s thoughts and on her mind. The movie executive was consumed by the gallerist. Tina wanted to know everything Bette. What she thought, how she felt, what she wanted from life, what her dreams were and how she saw a possible future for them.

    And Bette felt the same way about the blonde. Tina occupied her thoughts 24/7. She was borderline obsessive about the studio executive. She was clearly addicted to the young blonde. She was fascinated by everything Tina. She too wanted to know every single thing about the lovey blonde. She had never met anyone that captivated her this thoroughly before. And she was coming around to believe that she would never meet anyone like Tina ever again.

    And Bette had known many women over the years. But Tina was different. Tina was special. Exquisite. Tina was important and Bette was finding that as each day went by since they had met, she wanted the blonde more and more. She couldn’t explain it, didn’t want to explain it. It didn’t make sense. But her heart won out and she was helpless to resist. Tina Kennard had gotten under her skin and deep inside her heart.

    She just wanted all of Tina.

    She wanted to hold and cherish the sexy blonde forever.

    She knew she was falling in love.

    And she was thrilled with the idea and the woman who she was falling for.

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    1. Such a beautiful chapter. I wanted to jump to the last page to satisfy my curiosity… glad I decided against that! You have me totally engaged in the story…who is this woman and how will she impact the Tibette reunion! Please post again soon

      • Hey Finn,

        Thanks for reading. I like to skip ahead too & take a quick peek at the last page too!!!

        I am so happy that you are enjoying the story & how it’s playing out.

        I agree – WHO is this woman & what is Bette going to do????

        Next chapter will reveal all.

        Keep the faith.

        See you soon on the next post.

        Keep well.


    2. Hi Collins,

      What a beautiful chapter and second first date! Tina knows how to pamper and woo her woman!

      Their gifts for each other so beautiful and and especially the invites for the museum in LA said everything, it said to Bette that Tina really was going to be in LA around that time. But the roses and what they mean was truly brilliant. Yes, those ladies have a way to let their gifts speak for them.

      I agree with SassyGran, you lulled us in a false sense of security and left us with that cliffie. You have to make up to us poor readers and post the next chapter asap!

      Well done my friend!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Glad you liked all the things about their second first date. It took a while to find all the photos & ideas for the gifts – but it was fun research & I wanted the best for our best couple. The rose research was great fun & I will remember for gift I give in the future too!!

        No woman can EVER have too much jewelry!!!

        Drama – drama – drama!!! That’s the name of the game.

        But it will be short term & the date isn’t quite over justtttttttt yet!!!

        Next chapter coming soooooonnnnn!

        Take it easy & be safe.

        Thanks my friend.


    3. So agree with both of you…felt this beautiful chapter was pulling us in to such a secure feeling about our favorite couple…only to leave us hanging off a cliff with a very short rope!

      • Hey Sharon,

        Thanks for taking the time to drop a note & let me know your thoughts.

        Date Night Part 2 will be posting soon!!!

        How will Bette react????

        Thanks again & indeed keep the faith!!

        Take care.


    4. Collins – what a tease you are!!!! And I love it.

      I really like the chapter and how they were honest with each other. Tina showing Bette how very much she loved her and would go all out to shower her woman with a wonderful date and all the trimmings.

      Like Bibi said – the roses and gifts were very special and so telling. How they view each other and see deep inside the other. They see the other’s strengths and what they love about each other.

      You could feel Bette being blown away by Tina’s attention and left speechless at times by all the little things that Tina did to make this night that much more special.

      Bette drooling at the sight of Tina in her dress & forgetting to breath!
      And then Tina practically doing the same as she looked at Bette.

      And then Bette asking – “How many times can I fall in love with you?”

      “Aw, you are so romantic.” Tina looked her girlfriend up and down too. “About as many times as I’ve fallen in love with you darling’.”

      Tina answering Bette’s question –
      “Like what?” Tina chuckled. “You mean stay home, screw dinner, tear each other’s clothes off and fuck each other senseless?”

      They just want to rip each other’s clothes off. You can feel the tension.

      So true – they have fallen for each other multiple times in their herstory and I loved it.

      Love the pictures and how they helped tell the story – nice touch.

      Thank you for a great chapter and can’t wait to find out about this woman that thinks she knows Tina.

      Wait til Bette gets her hands on her!

      Please post soon!!

      • Wow Kira, thank you so much for the lovely comment.

        Honesty is where they need to be with each other & no more hiding feelings or thoughts. Bette saw just so far & how much she means to Tina & Tina went all out for her forever love!!!

        I just love writing about them and their feelings – just what we wanted in OG & GQ & haven’t gotten. I often wonder what the series & Tibette would have been like if IC wasn’t so hell bent on breaking them up & keeping them apart. Food for thought!!

        They are hot for each other & can barely keep hands off the other. Their time is coming.

        Thanks for mentioning the pictures. I use what I find on their websites & SM for many of them if they are not from either L Word show. Happy to hear they make a difference in the story.

        I have always felt in my heart that they would always & eventually find their way back to each other – their love is too STRONG not to.

        Will post soon.

        Thanks & keep safe.


        • Collins – I know exactly what you mean about IC. The only good thing she did was create the show in the first place. I thought she was a terrible writer and her story lines were pretty awful. She seemed to be so obsessed with her own life story and portraying that she forgot to tell good stories.

          Would have loved for Tina and Bette to have stayed together the entire series and showed them grow as a couple.

          Again – thanks for all the pictures in your chapters. I like the idea and you always make them fit in with the chapter and what you are telling us.

          Keep it up please!!!

          • Totally agree with you about IC. She couldn’t see the gold mine in front of her with Tibette. She could have rode that storyline for years more than she did if she would have focused more on believable storylines & not the BS she presented.

            More pictures to come!!!!!!!!


    5. I’m NOT surprised that once in the Lizzie lounge, Bette’s Spidey senses were firing off warnings. One thing Bette had learned during the time of the big separation, is that others (men and women) were very attracted to Tina!! Because Tina’s personality was much more approachable than her own. And then there was her sex appeal and outward beauty.

      Actually, Bette probably knew of Tina’s appeal even when they were together; it was just that Tina wasn’t interested nor looking for other lovers.

      We can bet that the woman who attached herself to Tina had been watching Tina&Bette and without-a-doubt could SEE that Tibette were darn near ready to take each other right there on the dance floor!!! She knew she was throwing ice cold water on their romantic evening.

      Man are you gonna have fun Collins writing about Bette’s response to that ‘Lil stunt. Wonder if her name is Carrie? HeHeHe!!! Let the games begin. After the butt kicking whether verbally or physically, we know our Bette will have a million and one questions for Tina!!!

      • Loved Bette’s Spidey senses!!! Cool!!!!

        Bette will go ballistic with this woman wrapping her arms around Tina. Fireworks could fly!!!

        Agree with you that Tina did have the more approachable personality in OG. People felt comfortable around her & just gravitated to her. It bewildered me too that Tina could never see that about herself.

        Working on the follow up chapter now. Yes, Bette will have questions & then questions for herself as well. Hmmmmm . . .

        Uh no, her name is NOT Carrie!!! God no!!!! Not going there.

        Thanks for your support & thoughts. I enjoy your reactions!!!

        Take care friend.


    6. Collins – you left us hanging again!!!! And I love it.!!!

      Lots of stuff in this chapter and it was so good.

      Just loved the descriptions of their clothes and them getting ready. Perfect.
      Then the actual date and how Tina showered her woman with everything in her arsenal. Super!
      Loved the dinner, the talking, the teasing, the romance.
      The carriage ride was awesome – so dreamy romantic . If Bette isn’t ready by now, how can she resist Tina???

      And the piano club was great – nice and slow and sexy. They are ready to get home and get naked and then – wait – what woman???
      Bette must be losing her mind! Crazy!!

      So good – great suspense and can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Thanks so so much.

      Go get her Bette!!!

      • Hey Leigh,

        Seems that cliffies have become a favorite of mine & I just can’t resist sometimes!

        This was a long chapter to write & it went through lots of revisions. Adding a little here, taking out a bit there & then adding more all over!
        I wanted to get their date right – give it the right tone & make sure their feelings – love – showed through.
        Wanted Tina to blow Bette away with all the attention & care she bestowed on her.

        You mentioned the carriage ride – that stemmed from the sleigh ride win OG with Angie, Tina & Bette in Vancouver when they went there for Shane’s wedding. I just expanded upon it for Tina & Bette so that they would have their own ride & had to add that bit of romance to it.
        Tina’s in the movie business & knows lots of people – so of course she would know someone that works at a company like that.

        Part 2 will be probably just as long & jammed up with lots of stuff too!!!

        Thanks for commenting & sharing your thoughts.

        Til next time!


      • Hi Cathy,

        Found some of these clips on YouTube & SM & also a site I found this past year on some unseen photos from OG that were posted.
        Some I use as you’ve seen in the chapters & stories I write. Try to match them as best as I can.

        Bette will be VERY jealous in the next chapter – but Tina will be there to support her.

        I think JB & LH did outstanding jobs in their roles as B & T in OG & GQ – they got the message across in spite of the terrible writing at times & ridiculous story lines.

        Will post very soon – just wrapping up the follow up part to their date now.

        Thanks for reaching out.

        Take care!


    7. Tell me if I understood correctly, they are still on the dance floor and almost entwined and someone comes to creep in between them ?! what the f… !!! Is it Carrie ?? Bette will go ballistic …

      It seems that you’re a true romantic, I like it and the photos are an excellent addition, Thank you.

      • Hi Izzie,

        Can you image the nerve of this woman??? How dare she try to get between Bette & Tina!!!!

        Some woman just like the drama.

        Will Bette go ballistic??? We’ll find out next chapter.

        I will tell you know that there is no Carrie in this novel !!! No way – no how!!!

        I am a romantic for Tibette & always try to portray them in a loving manner.

        Happy that you also like the photos & how they enhance the story.

        Take care & until next chapter !

    8. Hi Izzie,

      Can you image the nerve of this woman??? How dare she try to get between Bette & Tina!!!!

      Some woman just like the drama.

      Will Bette go ballistic??? We’ll find out next chapter.

      I will tell you know that there is no Carrie in this novel !!! No way – no how!!!

      I am a romantic for Tibette & always try to portray them in a loving manner.

      Happy that you also like the photos & how they enhance the story.

      Take care & until next chapter !

      • Hi Deanna,

        Sorry for the late response. My bad.

        Glad you likes the date & I sure hope you will check in for the conclusion of the date & how it finally ends!!! It will be a good one!!!

        Take care!

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