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    After the Kiss: Chapters 14 & 15 The Parent Trap

    Bette – Preparing for opening nights. Sometimes it is too late to go home.

    Tina – Workaholic …

    Bette – Uh-huh …

    They close their eyes and relax in each other’s arms for a quiet moment, the blonde caressing the brunette’s back.

    Suddenly, Tina opens her eyes in shock.

    Tina – Oh my god … my poor parents!

    Bette – What?

    She opens her eyes.

    Tina – They are waiting for me … I need to call them!


    Bette’s office, evening: Tina is making a phone call, standing in front of Bette’s desk, only wearing the brunette’s long-sleeved white shirt but the cuffs and front buttons are undone.

    The blonde looks a little nervous as she speaks.

    Tina – Yeah, Mom, I was leaving but … something came up …

    She looks back over her shoulder for a moment and smiles sensually as Bette leaves her private bathroom in her panties.

    Tina – … and …

    She closes her eyes to concentrate and turns her face back around.

    Tina – … uh … I don’t think that I’m going to be able to make it … so, why don’t you two go ahead and eat without me? (pause) Yeah, and I’ll meet you tomorrow morning, OK? I’ll take you to Meg’s. (pause) I’ll see you tomorrow then. (pause) Uh … not too early … I’ll call you when I’m ready to leave, OK? (pause) Love you too. Bye!

    She hangs up and sighs.

    Tina – I feel so guilty … for lying to them …

    Bette embraces her from behind, her hands caressing the porcelain skin of her belly.

    Tina – … but I couldn’t leave …

    The brunette strips the shirt off her body and the blonde sighs, resting against her, feeling her lover’s naked skin … her warmth against her back.  

    Tina – Mmmn …

    The gallery owner smiles, her voice husky and seductive.

    Bette – I miss you already …

    Tina’s lips curve up as Bette nuzzles her neck, the blonde arching her back as electricity travels down her body reigniting her passion.

    The brunette slides her right hand up, reaching for her breast and the blonde gasps with pleasure.

    Tina – Com’ere …

    She whispers, turning around and kissing the brunette with urgency while wrapping her arms around her neck … and walking her backward to the couch.

    She breaks the kiss and looks into her eyes.

    Tina – I wanna make love to you …

    And Bette lies down on her back with an inviting smile on her face, pulling the blonde by the hand on top of her until their bodies merge into one.



    1. Hi dbff,

      Great chapter to read!

      Tina is really a woman on mission when she knows what she want: Bette!

      They are both so smitten with each other and no one of their friends and in Tina’s case, her parents have a clue. Smart move from Tina to advice her parents to visit Bette’s gallery, but maybe they will be mad at both of them when they learn B&T were already involved.

      I hope you will take time for your self when you are so busy!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Lovely chapter… Tina is really driven and being bold. Unlike most stories of their first meeting, Tina knows what she wants and responses to her body and not to her fears and background. She just goes with her desires and Bette is ready and willing. This is an amazing scene. Would love to see more but I know you have other things up and coming. Write when you can and we will be as patient as we can….

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