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    After the Kiss: Chapters 16 to 18 A Dinner Date

    The gallery owner looks distracted, a half smile plastered on her face.

    Alice – Hey! Wake up!

    Bette – Uh …?

    Alice – You are dreaming.

    Marina – You look tired.

    Bette – Uh-huh … I need to rest. And I’m going home!

    She stands up.

    Marina – You work too hard!

    Alice – I wish I had that kind of work!

    Bette gives her a knowing look.

    Alice – Yes, you work too hard!

    The gallery owner leaves.  

    The café owner turns to Alice.

    Marina – What’s going on?


    Meg’s house, morning: Brad and Tina’s parents are talking by the pool when Meg and Tina bring the drinks.

    Mrs. Kennard – And we also visited a wonderful gallery yesterday and spent a delightful afternoon with Tina’s friend, Bette.

    Meg looks at the producer with curiosity.

    Meg – Who is Bette?

    Tina presses her lips together. 

    Tina – Uh … Bette Porter … The Bette Porter Gallery. I met her through Eric.

    Meg – Ahh … Eric loves his art!

    Mr. Kennard – Such a warm and intelligent woman.

    Brad – Isn’t she that beautiful dyke?

    The producer looks nervous. 

    Meg – Oh yeah … the one that you have a crush on. We saw her being interviewed during Gay Pride. She is stunning!

    Tina’s parents look shocked.

    Mrs. Kennard – Bette is gay?!

    Brad – Yes, she is K.D. Lang’s girlfriend!

    Tina chuckles nervously.

    Tina – Bette would never date K.D. Lang!

    Everybody looks at her inquisitively.

    Meg – Why not?

    The producer looks embarrassed.

    Tina – Uh … I’ve seen the women that she dates. She doesn’t date butches.

    Mrs. Kennard – What is a butch?

    Brad – The manly ones, Mrs. Kennard.

    Mrs. Kennard – I thought all of them were manly. I can’t believe Bette is gay!

    Mr. Kennard – She is so beautiful! She doesn’t need to be gay.

    His daughter rolls her eyes.

    Tina – Women are not lesbians because they can’t find a man, Dad!

    Mr. Kennard – Why else? When a woman looks like a man, I understand, but Bette could have any man she wanted.

    Mrs. Kennard – It is so wrong! What a shame …

    Tina – It is not a choice for them, Mom! It is who they are.

    Mrs. Kennard – It’s wrong! You should be careful with whom you associate, honey. People will think that you are a lesbian too.

    Tina – Let them! I don’t mind. I’m not going to let sexual orientation dictate my friendships and the meaningful people in my life.

    Meg – We have gay friends, Mrs. Kennard. It is not unusual in LA.

    Mr. Kennard – Too common if you ask me. Too much Hollywood influence!

    Tina sighs with frustration and looks upset. Meg exchanges an understanding look with her.


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    1. Happy Thankgiving!!!

      Oh oh, that is going to give troubles, why couldn’t keep Brad his mouth shut!

      Tina’s parents will not be happy and ready to accept Tina as a lesbian. I hope Tina will not chicken out and stay strong. To be honest she should tell them asap before they try to set her up with another guy or try to let her take back Eric.

      I am not sure Meg will be a supportive friend, she was quit fond of Eric as buddy to go out as two couples.

      Lets hope that Bette will not be hurt by Tina.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Hi! Happy Thankgiving!

      Yeah, seems Tina will have problem with her parents, when she’ll decided to tell them about Bette. But i hope Meg, when she’ll find out show herself like true friend to Tina and support her. It always make me sad that in the TLW Tina don’t have any own friends besides who she met through Bette.

    3. Friday evening and I got to read a new chapter of your story. Thanks for this great weekend-treat!

      I love how relaxed Tina handled Alice’s unexpected appearance at Bette’s door. Hopefully she’ll manage to handle her parents as well. A supportive meg would be nice for Tina.


    4. I love that you brought Bette and Tina back to Bette’s house after their impromptu love making. I love that you had Tina spend the night. It was just too big an event in their lives for the evening to end on Bette’s office sofa.

      Surprised that Alice nor Meg saw Tina’s hickey. Maybe Tina’s clothing covered it. Tina is truly smitten with Bette and Meg already knows this. Meg’s only interest in Eric was as a friend and diversion for Brad. Meg wants Tina to be happy in a settle relationship so that they can do things together. I do not get the impression that she cares who Tina decides to have as a spouse as long as they remain friends. However, she would prefer that Brad have some kind of diversion so she can do things with her girl friends like have lunch, shop and gossip. It will be interesting to see if Meg and Tina will maintain their closeness once Tina and Bette become a couple. Most people gravitate toward friendship circles which are most like ourselves. They are approximately the same age, the same stage in life (dating or looking; couples or couples with small children; or empty nesters). They are in the same or similar economic group or professions. Or they have similar political views or religious leanings and goals. Meg will always be Tina’s friend but with Brad leaning toward the same views as Tina’s parents, I do not see them remaining BFF s after Bette and Tina become an item. We will see.

      I like this Bette. I like this Tina. Bette is really laid back and accommodating to Tina. Of course they are early in their relationship. But I do not see Bette as the player in this story, many have written her to be. She is not celibate but she is not a predator either. I’m a bit surprised that Tina has taken her first time with a woman without a bit more shock and awe. But maybe that’s just me.

      Keep this coming…. cannot wait for the next installment.

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