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    After the Kiss: Chapters 19 & 20 A Tough Day

    Chapter 19  A Tough Day

    Bette’s pool, afternoon: Bette is lying in a pool chair while Alice and the two friends are talking in the water. She is daydreaming and a smile appears on her face.


    Meg’s house, afternoon:  Tina, her friends and parents are still talking by the pool.

    Tina – Well, unfortunately it’s time for me to go. I have to go to the studio.

    She says goodbye to the group and leaves, while her parents remain with Meg and Brad.


    Movie studio, afternoon:  Tina is talking to the movie director on the set while the crew and actors prepare for a scene.  She has the script in her hands and is pointing to a list of scenes, looking intense.

    Tina – Can you at least agree on completing these three scenes before Wednesday?

    Don – I don’t want to do this!

    Tina sighs exasperated.

    Tina – Don … you need to work with me.

    Don – Tina, I …

    Tina – Listen … It’s important that we free Jim for his next project. His contractual obligations preceded ours. We are going to pay huge fines otherwise.

    Don – Hmm … alright! I will try to leave the fight scene for later.

    Tina – Great! We are in business then! I’ll talk to Jimmy’s agent.

    She leaves the set.

    Don – Break is over, everybody! All the actors take your places.


    Restaurant, evening:  Tina is having dinner with her parents.

    Tina’s Mom – And we had a wonderful barbecue afterwards …

    Her daughter seems distracted and sad.  

    Tina’s Mom – Are you OK, hon?

    Tina – Eh …?

    Tina’s Dad – Your mom asked if you are OK.

    Tina – Yeah … I am, Dad.

    Tina’s Mom – You look so distracted, honey …

    Tina – It’s work, Mom … It’s work …

    She sighs.


    Bette’s house, night: Bette is in her pajamas preparing to go to bed. She stares at the bed, looking quite bored, and sighs.


    Bette’s front door, night: Bette opens the door in her robe and looks surprised. 

    Tina – I don’t think that I would be able to sleep.

    The blonde throws herself into the brunette’s arms and holds her tightly.

    Bette – What a surprise!

    She grins and closes the door.

    The producer nuzzles her neck in silence.

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    1. Loving this….Tina is so smitten. Bette seams to be allowing Tina to set the tempo for the relationship. Two nights in a row in Bette’s bed after a month of pursuit. Nice…. Bette has been amazingly patient. Tina’s parents being in North Carolina, it could take several months before they are told about Tina’s new relationship.

      Keep the chapters coming…. great story so far.

    2. Great story dbff!

      It seems Mr. Kennard already figured out that his daughter likes Bette more than alone as friend. Glad to hear him say to Tina that she will always be his daughter.

      It is important that Tina takes the time and Bette let her, to come out to her friends and parents.

      I love this story!

    3. Thanks for posting! I love your version of T + B’s beginning but I’m still anxious about Tina’s parents and their reaction to their daughter being in a relationship with a woman..

      Can’t wait for the next part.

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