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    After the Kiss: Chapters 23 to 25 The Movie Set

    Chapter 23  The Movie Set


    Bette – One day I would like to see you in your element. See how bossy you can be.

    The producer chuckles.

    Tina – Would you like to visit the set?

    Bette – May I?

    Tina – Of course … if you promise to behave.



    Malibu Beach set, afternoon: Tina arrives at the set and walks over to the waterfront.  She greets crew members along the way and sits next to the assistant producer.

    Tina – Hi Abby! How are things going?

    Abby – Hi Tina! Where have you been?

    Tina opens her salad box.

    Tina – Sorry, something came up.

    She starts eating her salad.

    Abby – What is this?

    Tina – Lunch!

    Abby nods.

    Abby – It’s been crazy today!

    Tina – How many takes so far?

    Abby smirks.

    Abby – Seven!

    Tina raises her eyebrows and shakes her head.  


    Malibu Beach set, afternoon: Tina is talking to Abby when the movie director approaches them.

    Don – Where is my boat, Tina?

    Tina – I made arrangements for it to be here at two thirty.

    Don – We haven’t seen it yet.

    The blonde sighs frustrated and turns to Abby.

    Tina – Can you please call the rental company?

    Abby – OK.

    Abby walks away.

    Tina – Don’t worry: you will get your boat!


    Malibu Beach set, afternoon: Tina is watching the filming of a scene when a security guard approaches her.

    Guard – Miss Kennard … a lady in the crowd asked me to give you this. She says that she is your friend.

    He hands her Bette’s business card and the blonde smiles surprised.

    Tina – Thanks! I’ll go there with you.


    Malibu Beach set, afternoon: Tina and the security guard walk toward the crowd and she spots Bette who waves at her. The guard opens the security chain, allowing the brunette to come in and they smile at each other. 

    Tina – Wow, I can’t believe you are here!

    Bette – I couldn’t resist.

    Tina – Come with me.

    They make their way to the beach, where the shoot is happening, and Bette looks mesmerized watching the crowd of professionals at work.  

    Bette – This is a really big deal!

    Tina – It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    Bette – So many people … I wonder how things ever get done.

    Tina – That is my job: to ensure that things do get done on time and on budget.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      I like romantic Bette)

      But about lesbian night club – maybe it’s not such a good idea to there until Bette can freely tell anyone that Tina now her girlfriend. If not – there is always would be moment like with Gwen

    2. Thanks for another treat for us!

      It’s cute how they are so into each other. Feels like they racing each other for saying the L Word.
      But first Tina will have to come to terms to be out. While Natalie might keep her knowlegde to herself, I picture Gwen to be someone who spreads the news about Tina and Bette outside the lesbian community.

    3. This is a learning lesson for all.. Tina is not ready to go public with her relationship with Bette and is going to be subject to approaches as will Bette. Tina is having a rough time with Bette’s relationships prior to her relationship. Tina is missing her friends who do not know about her relationship with Bette. This is what happens when a person starts a new relationship which appears to be serious – your friends and family take a secondary priority for your time. This seems to me to represent doubt in Tina’s mind if she is really ready to live the life of a lesbian. Its going to cause discomfort to both Bette and Tina if they have to hide their relationship from the public. This is going to be a problem between them at some point. If Tina cannot be at Bette’s side for a gallery opening or Tina cannot have Bette to be her escort at a wrap party, they will not be happy campers. This will be their first argument.

      Love, love, this story. Thank you for this chapter…look forward to the next.

    4. Great chapter!

      Alice is hilarious, Bette attending love school!

      I agree with Martha about Tina, she is not quite ready to be out and it could cause some trouble in their relationship. Bette is ready to shout out to the world that Tina is her girlfriend, while Tina wants to stay in the closet.

      But Tina is right about spending some time with friends, but she doesn’t hesistate to go to Bette when asked or have the opportunity.

      I really hope that hiding their relationship is a tempory thing and that Tina will come out to her family and friends. Bette is very understanding and gives her the time, but she will get frustrated when Tina hides their relationship for to long.

      Thanks for the update!

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