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    After the Kiss: Chapters 21 & 22 Rule Breaker

    Chapter 21  Rule Breaker


    Tina – I’m not even sure I’ll have free weekends for the next few weeks. But yes, perhaps we can meet her at The Planet.

    Bette – My schedule will be busy too. I have a shipment coming from China in a couple of weeks and I need to start planning the space for the exhibition.



    Weeks later


    Bette’s office, morning: Bette is typing on her computer when James walks in with a wrapped gift box and a card.

    James – Bette, this was just delivered for you.

    The brunette raises an eyebrow.

    Bette – Thanks!

    She opens the card and reads.

    Something to entertain your lips

    until they meet mine.         


    A big grin appears on her face and she quickly unwraps the present. It contains chocolate covered cherry truffles. She brings one to her mouth. and takes a bite, closing her eyes.

    Bette – Mmmm …

    She eats the rest of the truffle and licks her lips with a sigh.


    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is on her desk, reading a document and taking notes. The phone rings and she answers.

    Tina – Tina Kennard!

    Kathy’s voice – Tina, Bette Porter on line 1. Will you answer?

    Tina – Yes!

    The producer presses the button and smiles.

    Tina – Hey!

    Bette is sitting in her chair with her legs crossed and resting up on the corner of the desk.

    Bette – Hey! (pause) Didn’t you convince me that you would be very busy this week?

    Tina raises an eyebrow and leans back on her chair.  

    Tina – Yes.

    Bette – And that we could only see each other on Friday?

    The blonde smiles mischievously.

    Tina – So …?

    Bette – You sent me a gift.

    Tina – Ah … the gift. This is still within the rules, isn’t it?

    Bette – Temptations are not allowed.

    The producer chuckles.

    Tina – Sorry, I didn’t receive that memo.

    The brunette lowers her voice.

    Bette – I love your candy …

    Tina – I’m glad you do.

    Bette – It is so soft … and sweet … with just a hint of spice ….

    The blonde closes her eyes.

    Tina – Are we talking about the same candy?

    Bette – … and it melts in my mouth so easily …

    Tina – Mmm … I bet it does … it loves to melt in your mouth.

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    1. Hi DBFF:

      Great chapter and a great story, that was really hot.

      I like the way in which Tina provokes Bette and makes her break the rules.

      I love how sweet and understanding is Bette.

      Waiting for your new chapter.

      Thanks for this one.


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