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    After the Kiss: Chapters 26 to 28 A Woman of Her Word

    Chapter 26  A Woman of Her Word


    Alice – OK, you’re right. Time to claim your property!

    The gallery owner stands up with an intense look.

    Alice – Be cool!

    She admonishes the brunette and turns serious.

    Alice – Now you know how women felt about you!

    Bette nods slightly, looking somewhat embarrassed.

    Alice – Come on, go ahead! Love is urgent!



    Bette’s bedroom, late night: Tina walks into the bedroom with an annoyed look on her face and takes off her heels.

    Tina – It shouldn’t happen again.

    She is followed by Bette, who glances at her warily.

    Bette – Were you upset?

    The blonde sighs.  

    Tina – No … I was frustrated. You didn’t need to be that forceful introducing yourself as: “I’m her girlfriend!”.

    The brunette looks apologetic.

    Bette – I didn’t know that she was Natalie’s girlfriend. I thought that she was hitting on you.

    Tina – And if she was?! Was I some sort of damsel in distress? You treated me as this fragile thing all night.

    She takes off her earrings.

    The gallery owner shakes her head.

    Bette – No … it’s just …

    Tina – I never wanted a man to be my knight in shining armor. And I don’t want a woman either!

    Bette frowns.

    Bette – Is it what you thought I was doing?

    Tina opens her bag and grabs a nightie, turning to look at her inquisitively.

    Bette – I … I hate to admit this because so often I was on the other end of it and hated it but … I was … jealous of you.

    The blonde raises her eyebrows.

    Tina – Jealous?

    The brunette nods sheepishly.

    The producer walks over to her and wraps her arms around the brunette’s waist.

    Tina – You have no reason to be jealous, baby. I have always been and will always be faithful.

    Bette – No, that didn’t cross my mind. I just … I didn’t want anyone touching you or near you.

    She sighs.

    Bette – I’m not proud of it …

    Tina smiles and kisses her softly.

    Tina – I have a confession to make … I’m not a jealous person but I didn’t like when you danced with Gwen.

    Bette hugs her and sighs.

    Bette – I was taken by surprise. I was going to tell her about you and then your eyes said no.

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    1. Poor Tina…..when you discover that you love a woman, there is the discomfort and the fear that accompanies coming out to your friends and family. Not an easy process nor is it an easy conversation. Some accept with joy and happiness. But many will reject and chastise you. For suddenly, the coming out person is not the person their friends and family thought they were and they simply do not know how to respond. And for the person coming out, there is the fear of rejection and disappointment for living the life which seems so natural and freeing. And until you go through it, you never know for certain how its going to turn out.

      Poor Bette – its not easy to be the hidden lover. She wants to announce to the world that she and Tina are together and until Tina is ready, that simply cannot happen. They have made the first step by indicating to Eric that Bette was attracted to Tina and Tina telling Meg that she had been dating Bette for a month. So we will see how this goes. If Meg gives a supportive understanding response, coming out at work will be the next step. Family will be the last step and the most difficult. Fortunately Tina is a self-supporting adult and not dependent on her parents for food and shelter. At least she will be able to continue a normal life regardless of how her family responds to this information. Loss of their relationship will be painful, but it may only be temporary.

      This chapter was very well written. I feel the hurt and pain Bette is going through. She is so in love with Tina but feels so much hurt by keeping it private. When love is new, there is never enough together time. And when you are not with them, its painful. Even Tina is missing Bette even though she surrounded with friends.

      Love this story….

    2. Thank you for the new chapter!

      Tricky situation. I think i understand both sides of them, but Tina leaving Bette’s house in such a hurry was a little harsh, no? I hope Bette wouldn’t do something that she’ll be regret later

      P.S. sculpture Desert Bloom, hmm :)

    3. I hope Meg reaction on Tina’s news wouldn’t be negative and she’d support her friend.
      Second – i think Bette and Tina needed more discussion about their relationship and where and with speed there both comfortable with this relationship.
      And third – Bette, just go home, alone.

    4. I feel for both of them!

      Tina took the first step to come out to Meg, i really hope that Meg will support and accept her and doesn’t shake it of as a gay fling.

      It is hard for Bette to stay quit when she wants to let know the whole world that Tina is her girlfriend. I admire her that she talked with Eric about her attraction to Tina before she was going to sell that sculpture to him. Maybe it will cost her him as client, but she made the right decision 👍

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. ** one tiny spoiler there so don’t read, fellow Tibetters ! **

      My dear talented author,
      I just had to express how much I love this chapter because it truly is a masterful way to depict our dear two’s emotional turmoils at this moment of their story, such a pivotal one since no “l word” has been said yet,
      Tina discovering so new emotions in her life and fearing all the lifealtering changes, Bette being afraid that all this could only be a gay fling for Tina and also being afraid to be in love for the very first time of her life, everything is depicted so truly…
      Since I already read the first version of your story – her was the tiny spoiler I talked about ! – , I know what a marvelous supportive friend is Meg and I had to say it : from all the various best friends of Tina in so many stories I read all these long years, your Meg is the one I always remember better and with tenderness : she’s funny, deeply endearing and wonderfully supportive. A true best friend !
      And this kind of chapters are the kind I love because they’re emotionaly powerful.
      I’m so deeply emotional myself, for the best or the worst, so I love nothing more but feeling so deeply moved by a story about my favorite couple.
      Following your so nice private message, I have to say that I will always prefer a simple kiss scene full of and feelings that the hottest sex scene without real emotion. With writers like you, Bette and Tina always make love and not simply have sex and that’s essential for the deep romantic heart I am :-)
      Thank you SO much for this amazing new version of your story, dear dbff !!

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