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    After the Kiss: Chapters 29 to 32 What Friends Are For

    Chapter 29  What Friends Are For


    Meg – What to make of this?

    The blonde shrugs and shakes her head.

    Tina – I don’t know …


    Bette – She is right! I don’t see any girlfriend either.

    She grabs her purse and stands up to leave.

    Alice – Bette …

    The brunette raises her hand in a careless wave and walks away, looking distraught.

    Alice – Bette!

    Bette leaves the bar and Alice shakes her head.

    Alice – Fuck! (pause) Fuck, Tina!

    She sighs.



    Meg’s guest bedroom, night: Meg and Tina are sitting in bed side by side, resting on pillows. 

    Meg – You didn’t know? You didn’t know that you felt this way toward women?

    The blonde shakes her head.

    Tina – She was the first woman who made me feel this way. I mean … I find women beautiful, even sexy … but so do you, right?

    Meg – Hmm … I’m thinking of all those times that we showered together at the gym …

    She has a mischievous look.

    Meg – You never felt anything?

    Tina winces.

    Tina – Eww … You are like my sister!

    Meg shrugs.

    Meg – You could find out that you always secretly desired my irresistible body!

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – Keep dreaming!

    Meg sighs and turns serious.

    Meg – I’m kidding … but that’s a lot to take in.

    Tina – I know … I appreciate your humor.

    Her friend is silent for a moment.

    Meg – Do you think that you are a lesbian?

    Tina – I don’t know … I’m having a relationship with a woman. Will Eric be my last boyfriend? I don’t know …

    Meg – Look … I’ve seen Bette Porter on the local news. She is sexy, charming, stunning … Brad was in love with her! Are you sure that you are not … flattered by the attention?

    Tina chuckles.

    Meg – ‘Cause I’m not sure that if I were single, I wouldn’t fall for her charms and maybe experiment. Hell … that would answer all Brad’s prayers!

    The producer rolls her eyes.

    Meg – Can it be something that you are curious to experience and get out of your system?

    Tina – I never had this curiosity before, Goldie.

    Meg – Yes, but she hit on you, right?

    The blonde smiles.

    Tina – She did …

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    1. WOW!

      I love this heartwarming, well-written love story …

      I love the way they said the L word to one another …

      I love the processing-of-intense-feelings with their best friend …

      I love your version of Bette and Tina, both equally strong, accomplished women who were drawn to each other by a deep attraction which later developed into love…

      I’ve read these chapters four times already and I’m sure I’ll reread them many times over in the next few days. A thousand times thank you, dbff, for this lovely story, for writing it so well and sharing it for the enjoyment of TiBette-starved fans! Mwah! :D

      • Hi, mightymouse!
        Thank you for the kind words and welcome back. To me, Bette would never fall for a woman who was not her match in strength and accomplishments but who had a soft personality and made her feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

    2. Wow….. Tina and Bette have very good best friends. Alice and Meg handle their conversation with exactly the right support to allow Bette and Tina to proceed on with their romance. Both basically tell their friends that they should take a chance and tell the other how they feel about each other. Alice’s advise that if everything goes wrong, having told Tina how she felt about her would not make the pain any greater was about as profound advice as could be have been spoken. Literally, Bette had everything to gain by telling Tina how she felt.

      This is an amazing story – I love that Bette is so vulnerable to Tina. And I love that Tina rises to the occasion to give Bette some assurances that she is serious about their relationship by introducing her to Meg and Brad. An brilliant story…

      Awaiting the next chapter..

    3. I’m glad that Meg accepted Tina’s choice and seems to support her.

      Thanks for Alice looking after Bette at a very crucial moment. She really cares for her best friend. It would have been the end of T + B , had Bette gone to the club looking for (and finding) a new conquest.

      What a perfect moment for the L word! I love that Tina kind of said it by accident.

      Thanks for this chapter and pps!

    4. This has been such an entertaining story to read. I love Tina’s friendship with Meg and how she was string enough to talk to her about Bette and want to introduce them. Best friends are the best. Thank you for posting such a wonderful exchange between B&T, please post soon….

    5. I just love this Story and the way you write it!

      I love your take on the Characters and will continue in your world rather than a new 2019 version available!

      Please keep writing and keep Tibette together!

      Thank you

    6. “Bette remains awake and looks pensive.
      Bette – Tee …?
      Tina – Yes …?
      Bette – Take good care of my heart …?
      Tina opens her eyes and smiles tenderly.
      Tina – I will baby …”

      I just adore this dialogue : so simple and yet so meaningful… It resumes so perfectly the way they truly found their perfect match in each other : the so-called alpha needing to find trust and kindness, and the “baby dyke” needing reassurance from her so-called womanizer and being so able to take care of her…

      Your Alice and Meg are so wonderful as best friends, it’s so essential and their help were so needed,
      I deeply love the respect you show depicting all these characters without the usual caricature some other writers use too often for Alice, for exemple. And Eric too : this scene with Bette was excellent because they respect each other and both wish Tina’s happiness.

      Ah, reading once more this story of yours is a true delight, my dear author ! Thank you so very much :-)

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