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    After the Kiss: Chapters 33 to 35 Playing with Fire

    Chapter 33  Introductions

    Tina’s office, morning:  Tina is on the phone with Meg.

    Meg – So, how was it?!

    Tina – It was great! She loved you!

    Meg – Good! In order to get the merchandise, she needs to fall in love with me too!

    Tina – Umm … I have news for you … She already got the merchandise … and she opened the package too!

    Meg laughs.

    Meg – So … are you going to turn dykey on me and start wearing flannel shirts?

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – No.

    Meg – Good! Because I still need my shopping pal. Are you up for it?

    Tina – That’s a great idea! When?

    Meg – How about Saturday? Bette could join us.

    Tina – Umm … I don’t think Bette shares our taste for bargains. You should see her closet. It is Rodeo Drive all the way! We will do our own thing.

    Meg – OK, I like that.

    Tina – Better yet … why don’t you come over for brunch and I’ll introduce you to Bette’s best friend?

    Meg – It’s a date! Brad will be playing a golf tournament with his buddies and I was wondering what to do all day.

    Tina – It’s definitely a date then!


    Bette’s office, morning:  Bette is on the phone with Alice.

    Bette – I’m planning to open the Chinese exhibit in a month. What do you think?

    Alice –Were the pieces delivered OK?

    Bette – Yes, I almost had a heart attack when one of the boxes came with a dent, but everything was fine. The only thing missing are the frames.

    Alice – Will there be time to do them?

    Bette – Yes, they will be done in two weeks.

    Alice – OK, then we should contact the caterer and make sure that he is open.

    Bette – I asked James to call him today.

    Alice – Do you need my help?

    Bette – Yes, can you invite the media? I want this to be news. I would also like to take some ads on the LA Times and Daily News. And I’ll invite a couple of art critics.

    Alice – Yep, I’ll check ad prices for you. And I’ll contact Tony at KNBC.

    Bette – Thanks!

    Alice – And … how is love life?

    The brunette smiles broadly.

    Bette – Love life is perfect!

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    Alice – Did you tell her?

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    1. Shane! Great way to introduce her :-) Meg is right, Tina is full of love and adopts Shane right away as her little sister. I love how you put the gang together one by one. Btw I can’t remember if the show ever explained how Shane became Bette’s friend. Did they ever?

      Tina is spending quite some time at Bette’s house. Nice how T + B seem to get closer naturally. “..and this is our bedroom.” Too cute!

      Happy Holidays to you too and thanks for posting. Do you really only have 7 ch left? Oh I’d wish you had more. Or another story in the making. I really like your story ideas!

    2. Merry Christmas! and Thank you for the update!

      I agree about Gec Q – i’m not watching but sometimes after their “news” i have a hard time even read Tibette’s story. And i may only guess how hard and uninspirid it can be for writers, who tried to write Tibette’s stories.

    3. I like that Tina is making friends with Shane. I am beginning to see Tina as a good judge of people. She sees the positive attributes in people and possibly the potential in individuals. I just hope that Bette will learn some of this as well.

      Peter Pan – that was a hilarious reference. Its very hard to write humor. But this was good…

      Thanks for this chapter…. Happy Christmas.

    4. dbff,
      listen to YOUR 4evah fans bc we KNOW a classy Author when we read her words!!

      Frickin’ Bette is too damn funny when it comes to Tina…especially in a bar!! She soon as burn a whole in anybody with a “lazor look” and not give 2 flips who has to parish!!! HeHeHe!!!!!

      She ain’t likely to apologize about her alpha-ness when Tina is being pursued. Tho I think she may convince her to cut Shane some slack.

      Tina knows all she has to do is tell Bette to “c’mere” with a soft southern drawl and she’ll settle down immediately.

    5. Hi,

      So happy to see rewrite complete before the cold water of the new Show!

      Loving this and hope you will continue writing to rectify the new show as it unwinds.

      Thanks for the post, have I mentioned how much I love this Story?:-)

    6. “The producer pouts looking at Bette.
      Tina – You didn’t save anything for me …?
      Bette – I saved love for you.”

      Now that’s one of the loveliest answer I ever read in a fanfiction ! Simply lovely…

      I always felt that our dearest Bette was deeply a romantic nature but her numerous emotional scars never let her feel safe enough to take the risk to love someone – until her soulmate appear in her life, Tina.
      Bette is so the opposite of Shane, who is the only true womanizer and player of the gang.
      She just didn’t believe in love because of her family, that’s all.

      Great chapter again, I love your story so much !!
      Faithfully yours – A.

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