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    After the Kiss: Chapters 36 and 37 Stressed Out

    Chapter 36  Stressed Out


    Days later


    Bette’s office, evening: Bette hangs up the phone upset and looks intently at her computer screen.

    Bette – James?

    James shows up at the door.

    James – Yes, Bette?

    Bette – Martin hasn’t received his formal invitation yet. His name is on the list. What happened?

    James – I don’t know … I handed all the envelopes to Bob. He took them to the post office.

    She sighs irritated.

    Bette – Now we have no idea if this just happened to Martin or everyone else!

    James – I’m sure that he mailed them.

    Bette – I want you to print this list and call everyone to confirm that they have received the invitation. If not, send them again.

    James – OK, I’ll do that.

    Her turns to leave.

    Bette – And James … this time, you mail them yourself!

    He nods and leaves. She sighs and presses her hand to her forehead.  


    Days later


    Bette’s house, afternoon: Tina is sitting by the pool, reading the newspaper and drinking lemonade when Bette comes into the house looking upset.

    The brunette drops her purse and briefcase on the table.

    Bette – Fuck!

    The blonde turns to look.

    Tina – Bette?

    She stands up and walks inside as the gallery owner walks over to the refrigerator and pours juice into a glass.

    Tina – Baby … what’s the matter?

    Bette – What’s the matter? I can’t get anybody to do any fucking thing right!

    Tina – What happened?

    Bette sighs upset.

    Bette – The fucking carpenter decided to do things his own way! When I tell him to do something, he is supposed to follow my orders, not to come up with his own creation!

    The blonde sits on the stool by the kitchen counter.

    Tina – Hmm … did he mess up?

    Bette – No … it’s just that … it would be perfect the way I told him to do it, but he obviously had to make a shortcut and give a fucking excuse for why it couldn’t be done on time!

    Tina’s face relaxes and she looks at her girlfriend with love.

    Tina – Baby … you are such a perfectionist.

    She touches the brunette’s hand across the kitchen counter.

    Tina – You should learn to let go sometimes and trust people’s judgment.

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    1. Nice meeting in the office….Don’t think that I could have rejoined the reception had I been either of these two.

      Love the interaction between these two. Love that Bette can surrender to Tina. Just wish Tina was ready to go public. Soon.. hopefully.

      Thanks for another chapter…

    2. Fantastic chapter!

      Wish i could recieve a Tina Kennard private massage!!! That was really special and more special is that Bette is able to let go of control once and awhile.

      I hope Tina will be ready to come out soon and that they can show everyone that they belong to each other.

      Don’t know what to think of Eric, is he still pining after Tina?

      Enjoyed this chapter!!!

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