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    After the Kiss: Chapters 38 and 39 Nothing but the Truth

    Chapter 38  Nothing but the Truth

    Bette Porter Gallery, main room, night: Bette returns to the main room and walks over to David Ross.

    David – Once again you found gold, Bette! His work is magnificent! The more I study these paintings the more in awe I am!

    Bette – Thank you, David! I knew you would appreciate his art.

    Tina comes back into the main room, closely watched by Eric, who looks upset.

    David – As I am in awe when I look at both of you together.

    He discreetly points to the blonde with his eyes, as she walks by and gives Bette an intimate look.

    Bette – Tina is a good friend, David.

    David – I am sure that you are good friends by now but …

    He smiles teasingly.

    David – … I know you better than that, my lovely! Particularly when the two of you are sneaking to the back room for a secret rendezvous.

    She chuckles and shakes her head.

    Bette – I could never fool you, could I? We are keeping it to ourselves for now, David.  I would appreciate your discretion.

    He nods with a smile.

    David – Like I said: a beautiful couple. Congratulations, you look happy!

    She grins.

    Bette – Thanks, I am!


    Bette Porter Gallery, main room, night: Tina walks over to Meg who smiles teasingly.

    Meg – Long restroom break …

    Tina – Not too long, was it?

    Meg raises her eyebrows as she glances at the blonde’s neck.

    Meg – Excuse me, Miss Kennard, but I think you managed to get lipstick on your neck.

    She wipes the lipstick with her thumb and winks at her friend.

    Tina – Oh gosh! Here?

    She nervously wipes her neck with her fingers.

    Meg – Uh-huh.

    Tina – The office was in the dark.

    Meg smiles.

    Meg – Ahhh …perfect! Hopefully she doesn’t have any on her neck.

    The blonde raises her eyebrows and thinks for a moment. She laughs and shakes her head.


    Bette Porter Gallery, main room, night: Alice and Marina are talking when Alice points to Mark with her eyes.

    Alice – What do you think?

    The café owner turns to look.

    Marina – The one in a blue jacket? Umm … attractive.

    Alice – Cute, cute, cute!

    Marina – Are you having one of your male cravings?

    Alice – This one is worth it!

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    1. Very nice…..Tina speaks her truth to Eric and reveals that she and Bette are together to Gwen. She is taking some bold steps toward coming out. I like it. I’m sure Bette enjoyed the attention in front of Gwen. Now, time to get on home to your celebration Ms Bette!!

      Great Chapter…. I’m liking this Tina and Bette a lot…. waiting for more!

    2. Thanks for the update! The night at the gallery feels like things between T + B have come full circle. Back to where it all started. Nice idea with the earring.
      I love how Tina handled Eric and Gwen. She’s getting used to being out it seems.

      Looking forward to the next chapters, even if it means that this beautiful story will come to an end.

      Enjoy New Year’s Eve!

    3. Way to go Tina!!!

      She was open to Eric about her feelings and the way she handled Gwen and left her speechless, love it!!!

      Tina is coming out in small doses, great to see it.

      Now let Tina & Bette enjoy the rest of the night in private!

      Happy New Year dbff and see you in 2020!!! 🍾🥂

    4. Lol way to go Tina… glad she helped Bette out and put a smile on her face and I have a feeling next chapter she will do more than that lol.. thank you loved it.. and poor Eric.. his man ego is crushed… sort of what I did to my ex lol…of course it wasn’t this easy..

    5. I fell so far behind in reading this and just caught up! This story brings such a smile to my face and I still love every moment of it! I’m kind of happy that I didn’t remember the whole story so that it could still feel like it was my first time reading it too but I definitely remembered this chapter!

      Thank you again for continuing this story and always looking forward to the next post!

      Happy New Year dbff!

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