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    After the Kiss: Chapters 42 and 43 Mi Casa, Su Casa

    Chapter 42  Mi Casa, Su Casa


    Days later


    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is at her desk gazing at the Janet Crow picture on the wall and looking pensive. She makes a phone call.  

    Tina – Hey …What are you doing for lunch today?

    The scene switches to Bette’s office.

    Bette – I’ll probably ask James to order a salad.

    Tina – Hmm …

    Bette – Do you have a better idea?

    Tina – Why don’t you come over and have lunch with me instead?

    The brunette looks surprised.

    Bette – You mean … to your office?

    Tina – Uh-huh … It’s about time you see your present on my wall.

    Bette grins.

    Bette – Wow … I’d love to see it!

    Tina – Then show up at twelve! I’ll give your name to security.

    Bette – I’ll be there!


    Tina’s office, midday: Bette comes in accompanied by a lady and stops near Kathy’s desk, outside Tina’s office.

    Lady – It’s this office, Miss Porter. Kathy will take good care of you.

    Bette – Thank you!

    The lady leaves.

    The brunette makes her way to Kathy.

    Bette – Hi, I have an appointment with Tina Kennard.

    Kathy – Oh, Bette Porter, right?

    Bette – Yes.

    Kathy – I recognized your voice, Miss Porter. I’m Kathy, Tina’s executive assistant.

    Bette – Oh … hi, Kathy! The voice at the other end of the line!

    The assistant nods smiling.

    Kathy – Just a second, Miss Porter.

    She makes a phone call.

    Kathy – Tina … Miss Porter is here to see you. (pause) OK.

    She turns to Bette.

    Kathy – She will be here in a second.

    Bette – Thanks!

    Kathy – I saw your gallery on TV this past weekend, Miss Porter … a very exciting exhibit.

    Bette – Oh yes …you should come and see! It will be open to the public for four weeks.

    Kathy – I probably will!

    Tina opens the door and smiles warmly.

    Tina – Hi!

    Bette – Hi!

    They kiss on the cheek.

    The producer makes an inviting gesture.

    Tina – Come in!

    Kathy – Tina, I’ll be leaving shortly, but they will deliver the food in the next ten minutes.

    Tina – Thank you, Kathy!

    She follows her girlfriend into the office and closes the door.


    Tina’s office, midday: Bette is looking at the picture on the wall when Tina closes the door.

    Tina – I can’t stop gazing at it.

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    1. Cute…. Alice is still Alice. She still cannot believe that Bette treats Tina differently from any other woman she has dated. Tina has no faults in Bette’s eyes….

      Love this story…. nice Keep it coming.

    2. dbff, I’m so with you concerning Melvin/Bette. I never could quite understand why she accepted his condescending, arrogant behaviour. Even if you love your parents unconditionally, you can expect them to treat the person you love at least with respect and you should tell your parents to do so.
      But as you said, you’re writing a prequel so I’m fearing for the worst when it comes to their visit in Philly on Thanksgiving.

      Thank you so much for another cute chapter! Tina’s efforts to open up and include Bette more in her day-to-day life made me smile. She’s really getting confident with being with a woman. Next step: exchange of keys to the other’s home ;-)

      Loved her assistance’ comment on Tina’s taste in women.


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