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    After the Kiss: Chapters 40 and 41 Midnight Moon

    Chapter 40  Midnight Moon

    Bette’s house, late night: Bette comes home and notices that music is playing on the stereo and the glass door to the backyard is open. She walks outside and sees Tina, eyes closed, wearing a red bikini and lying on a floating mattress in the middle of the pool, holding an empty glass of champagne.

    Bette – Personal delivery for you, Ma’am!

    She shows the earring in her hand.

    The blonde opens her eyes and smiles.

    Tina – Months too late … but it will do.

    The gallery owner grins.

    Bette – What is this … midnight tanning?

    Tina – It’s been so hot … and I thought that I might get the hot delivery girl to join me.

    The brunette looks at the bottle of champagne inside an ice container on the pool table.

    Bette – It seems that someone stole a bottle of champagne from the opening …

    Tina – I convinced James that it was for a good cause. Sparkling and cold, directly to your fridge …

    Bette chuckles.

    Bette – Apparently the good cause has already started.

    Her girlfriend winks and lifts her glass.

    Tina – Come enjoy it with me …

    Bette – I would love that!

    Tina – Then strip!

    A sly smile appears on the brunette’s face.

    Tina – OK … your bikini is also acceptable.


    Bette’s backyard, late night: Bette comes in from the house wearing a black bikini while Tina pours champagne in two glasses. She raises her glass.

    Tina – Cheers! To you … to your gallery … and your amazing exhibit! I couldn’t be prouder, baby!

    The gallery owner raises hers with a grin.

    Bette – Thank you, Tee! Cheers!

    The blonde’s eyes travel down her girlfriend’s body.

    Tina – And to your bikini …

    The brunette smirks.

    Bette – How many glasses have you had so far?

    Tina smiles and gives her a slow kiss on the lips.

    Tina – Just a few … This is a very small glass.

    The brunette chuckles.

    Bette – If you say so …

    She gives the blonde a quick kiss.

    Bette – Let’s go to the pool.

    She jumps in the pool head first while her girlfriend watches and comes to the surface in the middle of the pool.

    Bette – Coming?

    Tina smirks.

    Tina – Definitely coming …

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, i see meeting with Melvin in the future. Always know how he would react on Tina, but always don’t know how Bette would react on his reaction in different stories. Is she dismiss Tina, like in TLW and leave her alone to go to the home, or she can find the courage and defend her girlfriend/partner?

    2. Niiiiice. I’d like to have this mermaid in my pool too :-)

      I still love how assertive Tina is in her relationship to Bette. She’s not yet completely out yet but she doesn’t hesitate in anything when she’s with Bette. Relaxed and self-assured in their physical relationship, with Bette’s friends, out in the club, claiming her woman in front of Gwen and even picks up the Bette’s phone. I think she’s ready to be out officially.
      I’m really curious how Tina will react to a meeting with Melvin.

      Thanks so much for posting, still love your story.

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