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    After the Kiss: Chapters 5 & 6 The Party

    Chapter 5  The Party

    Previously: Eric and Tina are having lunch at a fancy restaurant.

    Eric – I forgot to tell you that I received an invitation for a party at David Ross’ home next week.

    Tina – We?!

    Eric – He invited both of us.

    She frowns.

    Tina – Isn’t he that big shot art dealer that you keep talking about?


    Eric – Yes, it is his home. You are not going to miss the opportunity to check it out, are you?

    She sighs.

    Tina – We’ll see …

    She continues to eat her food looking concerned.



    Tina’s bedroom, evening: Tina steps out of the bathroom in her underwear and looks at the bed where four different dresses are laid out. She purses her lips and opens the closet again, staring at her clothes with a frown.

    Maybe, she won’t be there …, she muses. Shit! Whom are you fooling?!

    Tina – Of course, she will be there!

    She sighs, closing her eyes to calm herself down.

    So what? You are overreacting. And because of what? Because of a silly kiss which you have gotten over?

    Tina – You will be fine!

    She says, trying to convince herself. But she feels butterflies in her stomach, and for some reason, she can’t decide what to wear.  


    Tina’s living room, evening: The doorbell rings and Tina makes her way to the living room looking tense and wearing a robe. She opens the door to Eric, who is smiling and formally dressed in an elegant grey suit.

    His smile fades when he sees her. 

    Eric – Honey … you’re still undressed?!

    She gives him a light kiss on the cheek.

    Tina – I know, I know … I couldn’t make up my mind about what to wear.

    Eric – Why? You have amazing dresses!

    Tina – Umm … nothing looks good tonight …

    He chuckles.

    Eric – I can’t imagine!

    Tina – Are you sure that you don’t want to just relax tonight? Maybe a movie and dinner?

    Eric – No. You will have fun, I promise!

    He gives her a peck on the lips.

    Eric – Hurry … please?

    She sighs.

    Tina – OK.

    She heads back to her bedroom in slow steps.


    Bette’s living room, evening: Bette’s phone rings and she answers, wearing shorts and a tank top.

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    1. “I believe in passion. And that passion should never be denied.” Ah, here I’m delighted to share the same thought that our amazing Bette !

      Dear author, discovering again this wonderful story of yours I was lucky enough to read at the time you first posted it – hello, desert_bloom – , I’m currently savouring the subtile changes you brang in this current version – especially since we’re now sharing our dearest two’s secret thoughts and emotions…
      So here I am, reading at the same time the old and the new versions : I knew I was so right to keep all these stories I loved, all these years ago :-)
      Thank you so much for sharing again, especially for new readers !

    2. Hi DBff:

      Great chapter, Tina is still in denial but hard to contain herself, and from my point of view is ready to give up; looking at Bette like a teenager who can’t control her emotions.

      But that is good because she is hard to get, for Bette, this is not just attraction, it’s also a challenge.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter, pps.


    3. This Bette and Tina are both intriguing and mysterious. They are both having emotions which they do not recognize and cannot seem to identify. It seems they have an attraction to the someone which is either taboo or unattainable, but seems irresistible. I love this story so far. I look forward to seeing how these two make their way to each other.

    4. Tina is in deep denial over her feelings for Bette. I hope she doesn’t keep rejecting Bette’s advances and make Bette seek out other women. I will be interested to know why Tina is afraid to accept her attraction for Bette.

      Great story! Can’t wait for more!

    5. Great update dbff!!!

      Tina so in denial about her feelings and attraction to Bette. Her mouth is saying one thing but her eyes spoke the real truth and Bette catched that.

      Others can see the connection between them but her own boyfriend is as clueless as always.

      Looking forward to see the story develop.

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