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    After the Kiss: Chapters 1 & 2 A B&T Beginning

    Chapter 1  A B&T beginning: what happened after their first kiss.


    Recap: TLW Transcript of Bette and Tina’s first encounter, on episode 1.11, starting with a conversation at the Dina Shore weekend trip.



    [ … ]

    Shane: Okay, Tina, I’m sorry, but… I think it’s time for you to bust out your story.

    [ … ]

    Tina: Okay. Um… Well, I was dating this entertainment lawyer [ …] He was a big art collector. And, uh, one night he took me to this art opening at the Bette Porter Gallery. [ …] Anyway. She had this amazing reputation for picking all the great artists.


    [Tina and Eric walk into the art opening at Bette’s gallery. Several people are milling around, checking out the paintings, photos and sculptures. They head towards Bette, who’s talking to Alice and a couple of others.]

    Tina: (voice over) And she was smart, and tough.

    Eric: Excuse me, Bette.

    Tina: (voice over) And unbelievably beautiful.

    [Bette turns around. She smiles at Eric.]

    Eric: This is my girlfriend, Tina Kennard. She heads up Development up at Alphaville. Tina, Bette Porter.

    [Bette and Tina shake hands. Tina stares at Bette, a little taken aback by her beauty and grace.]

    Bette: Nice to meet you.

    Tina: Hey. Nice to meet you.

    Eric: Bette, we were wondering, um how would Catherine Opie feel about us blowing up that print there to about 5 by 6 feet?

    Bette: Well, why don’t you ask yourself? She’s right over there.

    [Bette points to the artist, a few feet away. Eric looks at Catherine Opie and turns back to Tina.]

    Tina: I think I’ll just stay here.[She turns to Bette.]

    Bette: Okay.

    Eric: Excellent.

    [He leaves. Bette and Tina smile at each other.]


    Tina: So then, Eric and I got invited to one of her artist dinners, and, her artist dinners were really, really famous. There were…


    [The artist dinner. Several people are gathered at a long dinner table in the gallery, enjoying wine and conversation.]

    Tina: (voice over) … all these people there from Paris and New York. Some celebrated intellectual, you know, some big shot critic. It was, uh, intimidating. (chuckles) But she was so… warm, and gracious.

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    1. Hi dbff,

      Glad you are reposting this story!

      I think i read it before a long time ago.

      Always a pleasure to read Tibette stories and i am glad several writers come back to keep this couple alive in Fanfic land!

    2. Nice beginning story. I have read several beginning stories of Tibette but not this one. They all have their individual characteristics and story lines from their meeting at the gallery until they become a couple. Since the bridge from meeting to becoming a couple was never covered in the original series, its wide open for a writers imagination and interpretation. I already like your Tina a lot. Can’t wait to see where you take us on this journey.. Post when you can.

    3. Hi DBFF:

      Excellent story, very good start, I know there are many stories about the earring, but I know that this one because you are writing it, will be different and especial.

      Poor Bette, she feels that she lost her gaydar, but indeed she didn’t, she felt that Tina was “in” and that was true, the situation is that Tina was perhaps too alienated with the straight life that she thinks she is a straight girl and even has a boyfriend, but her attraction for Bette and the feelings she starts developing talk by themselves.

      Now, is Tina who has to find out what or who she really is and what she wants.

      Bette, as usual, is making her life, but I believe she is very impressed by this Tina Kennard.

      Great story, DBFF, please post soon.


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