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    After the Kiss: Chapters 1 & 2 A B&T Beginning

    The blonde seems nervous all of a sudden as if reality has set in.

    Tina – I … don’t …

    She looks up at the brunette with apologetic eyes.

    Tina – I don’t date women.

    The gallery owner is taken aback by Tina’s comment. She looks surprised and hurt.

    The blonde looks down avoiding her inquisitive eyes.

    Bette – You mean … you are straight.

    They are both silent for a moment.

    Tina – Sorry …

    Bette – Of course …

    She looks disappointed.

    Bette – I’m generally … more perceptive. I just felt …

    She walks back to her desk and turns around to face the blonde again, feigning a smile.

    Bette – It’s actually my second rule … never attempt to date straight women …

    Her smile disappears.

    Bette – You are in for disappointment.

    Tina looks embarrassed.

    Tina – I’m sorry.

    The gallery owner stares at her sadly.

    Tina – I have to go.

    She shows the earring in her hand.

    Tina – Thank you. It was very nice of you.

    Bette silently nods.

    The blonde leaves and the brunette sits in her chair looking pensive.

    Why had she been so careless with a client’s girlfriend?! She couldn’t remember the last time that she had attempted to date a straight woman, much less one who had a boyfriend. Sure, she had been with straight women … lots of them … but only after they flirted with her and made it clear that they wanted to have fun. Lighthearted, sexy fun … nothing ever serious. She was not about to get burned falling for straight women. Quite frankly, falling for any woman. She enjoyed her freedom.

    And she would never have sex with a woman who had a boyfriend at the time. No … never … way too close for comfort! Unless it was just a fuck … no tongue … like the beach girl in the nightclub bathroom many years before. But she was younger then, and a little drunk … and the asshole boyfriend deserved it, after suggesting a threesome. Huh! The girl followed her into the bathroom. A twosome was what she wanted!

    No, she didn’t exactly date straight women. So … what was she thinking … attempting to ask Tina out?! She forgot … her own rules, she forgot. After the kiss, there was something pure in the blonde’s eyes … that touched her. A flash … of something … that for one fleeting moment … one magical instant … she wanted for herself. Jesus! What was it?


    1. Hi dbff,

      Glad you are reposting this story!

      I think i read it before a long time ago.

      Always a pleasure to read Tibette stories and i am glad several writers come back to keep this couple alive in Fanfic land!

    2. Nice beginning story. I have read several beginning stories of Tibette but not this one. They all have their individual characteristics and story lines from their meeting at the gallery until they become a couple. Since the bridge from meeting to becoming a couple was never covered in the original series, its wide open for a writers imagination and interpretation. I already like your Tina a lot. Can’t wait to see where you take us on this journey.. Post when you can.

    3. Hi DBFF:

      Excellent story, very good start, I know there are many stories about the earring, but I know that this one because you are writing it, will be different and especial.

      Poor Bette, she feels that she lost her gaydar, but indeed she didn’t, she felt that Tina was “in” and that was true, the situation is that Tina was perhaps too alienated with the straight life that she thinks she is a straight girl and even has a boyfriend, but her attraction for Bette and the feelings she starts developing talk by themselves.

      Now, is Tina who has to find out what or who she really is and what she wants.

      Bette, as usual, is making her life, but I believe she is very impressed by this Tina Kennard.

      Great story, DBFF, please post soon.


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