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    Five years later


    Western Skies ranch, morning: Bette is riding Pearl in circles in front of the house while holding a beautiful baby on her lap. The five-year-old mare is a tall and beautiful specimen and has her father’s elegant stride. The brunette holds the baby with care and looks down at her with loving eyes.

    Bette – Her name is Pearl, Angie …

    Kit watches them from the porch with a big grin.

    Kit – Baby girrrl!

    She waves, speaking in a baby voice.

    Kit – Where is my baby girl?

    The baby giggles with delight, making unintelligible baby sounds, swinging her legs and arms in the air and attempting to pull the young mare’s black and white mane with her tiny fingers. Angie’s soft brown hair has grown to include a few curls and her skin is beginning to show a tan.

    Tina comes out of the house with a baby bottle in her hands and raises her eyebrows.

    Tina – Baby … don’t you think this is a little too early for her?

    Bette turns to her with a smile.  

    Bette – She is bonding with Pearl.

    The blonde smiles, shaking her head.

    Tina – Oh … my God! I’m going to have another cowgirl in my hands!

    The brunette looks back at her.

    Bette – Maybe she’ll meet a gorgeous blonde at the ranch gate one day!

    Kit chuckles.

    Kit – From what I see … baby girl will be a heartbreaker! Look at that smile!

    Tina – And I hope she takes as long to meet her blonde as her mom … because I’m not letting her go anytime soon!

    She makes her way down the steps, walking over to the young mare and shaking Angie’s foot with a teasing smile.

    Tina – Angelica Charlotte … what do you think you are doing up there? Time for your juice!

    Angelica giggles and opens her arms. The blonde takes her baby into her arms and kisses her chubby cheeks.

    Tina – You are going to give me a lot of trouble, aren’t you?

    She kisses her neck and blows raspberries on her baby.

    Angie giggles again and touches the bottle in her mom’s hand, attempting to grab it.   

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    1. Hi dbff,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      For the original story really enjoyed it

      For the super Epilogue and

      For responding so quickly to our request for the Epilogue :-)

      Please post another Story soon.


    2. Thanks for the wonderful epilogue. I hope you will develop another story for our girls..or a later chapter! Maybe a holiday update..Thanksgiving with the entire family? Thanks again I am going to miss your updates!

    3. Thank you for the beautiful epilogue!

      I like scenes with Tibette, Angelica and Pearl and all their time in the ranch.
      And of course if you decide to give us another story about Tibette i definitely will read it.

    4. Thank you so much for beginning and ending (possibly for now) this amazing story since I didn’t get to say that on the last chapter! And thank you for this cute epilogue. Hope to see more stories from you soon!

    5. This story was so great, surrounded by pictural nature scenes…
      I cannot help but thinking a lot, with few touches here and there, to my beloved Desert Hearts – and since your Alice was watching this wonderful movie in this story, I think it was a kind of tribute wink, no ? ;-)
      Thank you SO much for this amazing journey !
      And a special tender goodbye to Charlie’s family, these horses were so adorable…
      Gratefully yours – Ariane

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