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    Angelica Marie Kennard-Porter

    Bette helped Tina to wash up and change into warm lounging pajamas that she’d bought specifically to wear to the birth center. Keeping a close eye on her wife to time the contractions Bette quickly changed into jeans and a sweater.

    When they heard the doorbell ring signaling the arrival of the driver, Bette grabbed the pre-packed overnight bags for both her and Tina, along with the infant car seat, and baby bag. She greeted the driver and handed everything over so he could load them in the trunk while she went back to the bedroom to help Tina.

    Once they made it out the door, Bette locked up and between her and the driver got Tina settled in the back seat. Surprisingly Bette had been calm throughout the entire time; it helped to have tasks to perform but now that they were just driving in the car, she could feel some of the panic starting. She hugged Tina close and held her hand through the infrequent contractions by doing the breathing exercises.

    Forty-five minutes later they had Tina settled in the birthing suite. Dr. Wilson got there a few minutes later to exam her. The doctor indicated that they had to wait until she was fully dilated and suggested that Tina strip and get into the private whirlpool tub which would be relaxing and ease some of the pressure. As they had learned in the birthing classes, walking and squats also helped to ease the contractions. The expectant parents occupied themselves for the next couple of hours until Tina felt the telling pressure of the baby’s head crowning indicating Angelica was ready to make her appearance.


    Bette had called Kit earlier to let her know what was happening. Of course, Kit wanted to come right away, but Bette insisted she wait until morning.

    “Kit it could take hours. Why don’t you wait until morning? I promise I will call you as soon as Tina feels like company, and you can bring Daddy with you.”

    The baby was delivered without complications, and Dr. Wilson allowed Bette to cut the umbilical cord. The baby was cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket then gently laid in Tina’s arms. Her precious baby was finally here, and with Bette by her side the exhausted blonde finally had the family she’d always dreamed of.


    1. Hi Bat,

      Thanks for the update!

      I am a happy reader and big fan of your stories and so glad you came back.

      My father has just recently heard he has prostate cancer, thank god it hasn’t spread and he will have surgery soon and start radiaton too. Stage 1 and 2 when treated soon give you a chance to live for many more years, more than five for example.

      I am happy Melvin is going to undergo treatment so that he can be with his family for more years.

      Angelica Marie Kennard – Porter is a beautiful name. She will bring so much joy and happiness for her mothers and the family.

      Thank you for this beautiful chapter!

      • Bibi28. So sorry to hear about your dad, but glad the prognosis is good. I really appreciate your continued support after so many years. Really makes my day to get comments like this. Thank you.

    2. Hi,

      Well haven’t you made Melvin a likeable old man!
      You’ve also waved your talented writer’s wand over David!

      Thanks for the lovely Post :-)

      As I’ve said before, good to have you back posting BAT.


    3. Hello again, Melvin has turned out to be very likeable this time around., And you’ve even made David better. Thanks so much for the improved personalities, and none of the bigotry of Melvin and David. Maybe the Social Worker could have less bigotry as well, a complete turnaround for all concerned with the adoption, that would be fantastic. So happy you’ve given them softer hearts and minds. Wonderful chapter. The news they are about to have will be devastating for them but, hopefully the treatments, etc he will have will grant him a longer life and maybe a softer heart and mind will help him as well. This is all very well and interesting so hopefully life will go well for everyone for the foreseeable future. Loved this chapter, thanks very much for the turnaround with all the negativity the show had, which never made sense to me. It was as though the writers didn’t know of the advances in medicine that we have, even then when the show was on, there was no excuse for Dana or Melvin to have perished from their ailments. Thanks for turning all that around. Think I’ve mentioned before that you should be one of the writers on the show, especially since they will return in a few months. Thanks again for posting a positive story.

      • Dainty, for some reason this storyline has been on my heart even though it’s taking me years to finish it, I wanted to explore Melvin as a changed man who lives to see his grandchild. There is definitely hope for a few years of happiness for the Porter clan. Thanks as always for your encouragement.

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