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    Melvin, the Philantropist

    The more time spent together the stronger the Porter-Kennard family bond grew. They ate meals together, mostly at the Planet but sometimes home cooked. Kit and Melvin attended Sunday service at a near-by church and just like when she was a child, they would have brunch afterwards and explore much of what California had to offer. Melvin loved the coastal towns and enjoyed driving Kit’s convertible along the winding roads. They would invariably end up at Bette and Tina’s beach house early Sunday evening to have dinner before heading back to the Beverly Hills hotel where he’d moved into an extended stay apartment suite.

    The Planet had always been the hub for Bette and Tina’s friends to gather and now Melvin was one of the regulars. He’d been introduced to their family of friends namely Alice, Dana, Shane, Jenny, and Max. He didn’t really understand the intimacy amongst the friends, especially how they were all up in each other’s business, but he was happy to know that his girls had a support system of people that really cared about them. He was so at home at his daughter’s establishment, that many a time Kit, Pam or Greg would find him in the kitchen supervising the delivery of farm fresh vegetables and fresh cut meats to make sure they were the best quality. Lara, the chef tried to persuade him to share his secret steak marinade, but Melvin held out. He did, however share his grandmother’s pie recipe with the Baker. It was being taste tested and once they got it perfected the ultimate Granny Smith Apple Pie would be added as a special on the menu.

    Melvin also spent time with Kit in the back office reviewing the books. He was impressed with her natural business acumen, even though she had no formal education in business administration. She credited Benjamin with much of the business plan strategy, and though she wasn’t proud of the extramarital affair he’d given her sound business advice to really make a success of the Planet.

    Melvin had yet to witness the nightlife at the Planet, but all agreed that was for the best. The uninhibited atmosphere, especially on theme nights would likely give him a heart attack. But Kit explained that the nightclub was the mainstay of the business and the most profitable. Now, thanks to her newfound capital being managed by the financial advisor that Melvin recommended she had plans for expansion and possibly a second location.

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    1. OK he’s growing on me!
      As you know though BAT I am acquainted with an awful lot of Lawyers! My world of Law was, of course, in the UK but ………

      I enjoyed the post but it has left me still a little anxious about his ultimate intentions – sorry :-)
      Thanks for the continuing posts BAT really enjoying them.

      • Hi SassyGran. Thank you. Glad to know he is growing on you. Don’t hold me to any of the law stuff being accurate, as I have no knowledge of it, but wanted Melvin to do something selfless. His original intension was to make up with Kit before he died, and to bring David back to her but all that changed after he found Tina pregnant. Now he wants to be a better person and have a chance at being a grandpa to Bette and Tina’s baby.

    2. Wonderful chapter, thank you very much. It is a pleasure to read something positive about Melvin and the family. Just guessing but, from reading between the lines and having clues from the story it looks as though he might have changed his mind about treatments. I won’t try to guess anymore than that but, thanks for writing him in for a little longer term than we first thought. Would love to see him turn helbitch inside out. That also means that we may get a chance to see Peggy P. show up in this story and what a meeting that would be, two old warhorses from the monied elite crossing swords. Should be very interesting. You haven’t mentioned whether they know of each other so I won’t even hazard a guess about that. Can’t remember now if it was on the show or someone’s story that they knew each other and had interactions of some sort. Anyway that should be a very interesting part of the story. So happy you’re back. Thanks for posting.

      • Hi Dainty. So glad to hear from you. You were always so intuitive about my story lines, I see that hasn’t changed. I considered Melvin and Peggy knowing each other as they would travel in the same social circle but decided against it since she and Bette are so close. However Peggy will make an appearance, and they just might join forces. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    3. Bibi28. Ha ha, not sure where the old Melvin went, but I like this new version. He’s going to do a lot of good for his family so has to stick around for a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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