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    Unlikely Alliance

    Helena Peabody’s ex-wife Winnie Mann and Bette Porter knowing each other was pure happenstance, but the collaboration of these two forceful women with one common goal was very deliberate. It started one early Saturday afternoon when Winnie showed up at Bette’s house with her two children, six-year-old son Wilson whom she’d given birth to and four-year-old daughter Jung Yin whom she and Helena had adopted as an infant.

    Months earlier …

    Having learned that Helena had joined the board of directors at the museum where Bette was the Director and that she was dating Bette’s ex Tina Kennard, she took a chance that seeking Bette’s help and joining forces would get them both what they wanted; Helena Peabody out of their lives.

    “Hi, I’m Winnie Mann. Thanks for agreeing to see me.”

    “It’s nice to meet you. I um didn’t know that you were bringing ..” Bette paused gesturing to the children.

    “Well, I don’t have a nanny so when the kids are with me, they are with me. I hope it’s not..”

    Winnie had already imposed by asking to see Bette at her home. Fearing that bringing the children might be too much she had no idea what she would do if Bette had a problem with it, but Bette assured her it was fine. She would never turn the children away regardless.

    Their mother seemed so desperate when she asked to meet. Bette agreed to see her both out of curiosity and concern for the plight that would have brought Helena’s ex- to her door. She bent down to eye level to address the two children.

    “Do you remember me? We met in New York?” Bette asked looking at the two sweet faces. Neither child showed a hint of recognition.

    “Don’t take it personally. It takes more than one meeting.” Winnie said sensing Bette’s slight embarrassment. Looking at the exotically beautiful woman standing in front of her; even casually dressed wearing little make-up, Winne supposed Bette Porter wasn’t the type to be easily forgotten.”

    “Okay.” Bette answered stepping aside and showing the family into her home. Winnie settled the kids at the kitchen table with a snack of peanut butter and apple slices. She gave them drawing paper and crayons that she’d brought with her to keep them entertained.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      it’s hard to comment after most ridiculous final of the most ridiculous final season ever (yeah, i’m talking about final of 8th season GoT). And i must say if we can compare with this disaster – final season of our TLW was not so bad:)

      so, after explanation about time where this chapter take place – i’m not confuce anymore.

      • Zhenya – sorry you were disappointed with GoT finale. I’m one of very few people that never watched the show in the ten years it was on, so I can’t comment.

        Thanks for reading and glad the explanation lessened any confusion on the timeline. I’m back to the present; just wanted to give some background.

    2. Hi Bat,

      Interesting chapter and a good eye opener to Helena’s character, just because she has money she thinks she can do anything and destroy innocent people.

      She is a pure evil and bitch, unfit as mother and i am glad that Winnie has the support of Bette to win the custody battle.

      The scene between Helena and Winnie was also a eye opening for Tina and the first step in admitting Bette as the mother of her child.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

      • Bibi28. Helena certainly did exhibit a pattern of behaviors in the way she approached her relationships. I didn’t care for her character on the show, but I think she helped Bette and Tina’s relationship to be better the third time around. Tina was less inhibited and Bette less controlling.

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