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    Another You—Chapter 1

    The continuous beeping sounded in her ears as she slowly opened her eyes fluttering them a few times to adjust to the light illuminating in the room.  The beeping continued in her ear as she shifted her head slowly toward the sound only to see a familiar face asleep in a chair next to the hospital bed she realized she was in.

    “Megan” she said weakly seeing her jump awake in the seat and lunge toward the bed grabbing her hand

    “Tina!…Thank God!..You are finally awake” Megan exclaimed happily. “We have been so worried about you”

    Tina scrunched her face “Who is we?”

    “Me, Uncle Troy and Aunt Denise”

    “What?” Tina gasped

    Megan sighed “The doctor said you have a concussion and you have been out for hours”

    Tina was barely grasping anything Megan was saying at this point as she was still focused on the fact that Megan mentioned her mother.

    “You said Mom was here with Dad?”

    Megan squeezed Tina’s hand “Yes they should be back soon”

    Tina shook her head “That’s not possible” she said looking up at the ceiling before closing her eyes “This is a dream”

    “What are you talking about Tina?” Megan asked seeing the complete confusion on her cousins face

    “Mom died remember.  Eight years ago Megan” Tina said sadly opening her eyes

    “What!…No she didn’t!..Why would you say that?..Aunt Denise was just here”

    Tina shook her head wincing at the pain alerting her to the bump on her head “Owww”

    “Tina I really think you hit your head harder than what it seemed..I should get the nurse in here”

    “I have to be dreaming.  This can’t be real” Tina mumbled as Megan reached over punching the call light

    “Tina..Look at me?” Megan asked softly as Tina reluctantly shifted her gaze to her cousin and just noticing that her hair was shorter.

    “When did you cut your hair?” Tina asked as Megan raised her eyebrow

    “What?..I always keep it short.  You know that” she says incredulously with growing concern for Tina’s state of mind

    Tina heavily sighs. Her frustration showing “No..You have always kept it long” she retorted  feeling like she was losing her mind but she knew she wasn’t. But nothing was making sense to her at all at the moment.

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    1. Well, this is intriguing…. an alternative universe all together…. and she meets Bette Potter, her mother is alive, she has a sister she had no idea she had….. I too would be wondering if I just wasn’t dreaming….trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not….

      Like to see this progress….. and soon… Thanks for the chapter..

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