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    Walk On By—Chapter 6

    Tina’s POV

    If you would have told me a week ago I would call off my wedding and be in a car with Bette and Angie on our way to San Diego to free Helena from the grips of Catherine Rothberg I would have laughed in your face.  But here I am doing just that.

    I glance over at Bette who looks as calm as I have ever seen her and I’m a bundle of nerves worrying she is getting herself way in over her head.  We haven’t said much since we left L.A and that’s because when Bette has some kind of task or job she has to tackle she goes into preparation mode.  It’s always been her thing and I see that hasn’t changed but she is usually pensive and has a worried look in her face.  But now it’s just…calm..And I hate to break her concentration but since Angie has done her customary routine of falling asleep in the car it’s time to take advantage of the time I have with Bette

    “I’m happy you let me come with you” I say knowing I really didn’t give her a choice which she is quick to point out

    She chuckles “You didn’t exactly give me much say in the matter…. And I’m not going to lie and say that I am not happy you decided to join me and bring Angie.  Maybe tomorrow before we head back we can take her to the zoo”

    I look over at her as she is glancing back at me and smiles. “That would be nice” I answer “It kind of stung that you took her to the zoo with Jodi.  We never did that before because we were never stable enough to enjoy those family things together and it was my fault”

    “No Tee..Don’t..We closed the door on the past remember?…What’s important is what we do in the here and now and I’m enjoying this moment”

    I nod my head as she gives me her million dollar smile.  The smile that greeted me when I first saw her at her gallery.  The smile that stole my heart and I never got it back

    “You’re right.  I am too. I’m just worried about you and this poker game you are getting yourself into with Catherine..It’s not that I am not grateful to you for trying to help Helena but why are you going to such lengths to help her given your history with her because of me and the CAC?”

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    1. Wow, that was as lucky as you get!! One hand and its all over…… Three of a kind is usually a strong hand, but it can be beat – a flush of any kind would beat it. A straight of any kind would beat it. Four of a kind would beat it, and a Full house would beat it….. but that which beats everything in a Royal Flush.

      That was a high stakes gamble with that painting…..3.5 million, less the 850K, less Helena’s freedom, plus whatever chips she brought to the table – was her maximum loss. But for to Bette, it was worth the risk…. and win or lose, Helena would be free and have her earnings. That is a huge sacrifice Bette was willing to make for Helena. I mean huge…. This Bette has the heart and sole of a saint. Fortunately, Lady Luck smiled upon her. Oh, that I had a friend like Bette Potter!

      Thank you for telling this story….. amazing chapter really….. can’t wait for the next chapter….

    2. Wow, well that was some poetic justice. Catherine doesn’t know what hit her. She can’t even say that Bette cheated because she dealt the hand herself. I wonder how Bette got so good and lucky at poker? I can’t wait for the next chapter to see what is next.

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