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    Another You—Prologue

    “Miss?”….she knew someone was talking to her as she felt a hand on her shoulder.  Yet she was struggling to open her eyes “Miss?.”

    The shaking of her shoulder was getting more firm as her eyes finally flung open to the intense glare bouncing off the tin of the nearby gazebo

    “Mmmmm” she moaned as she struggled to focus on an image of what looked like a man hovering over her “Wha…Where..Am I?” she asked straining to focus her eyes as she rubbed her forehead with her hand “Owww”

    “Uh Yeah..You have a nasty bump there..You are in Palisades Park.  Do you remember what happened?”

    She scrunched her face along with her forehead wincing in pain as she ran her fingers over the bump.  Her vision was coming into focus a little better as she tried locking eyes with the older man still hovering over her.

    “Uhhh..I don’t know how I got here…I…uh….was at…I was” she paused looking around at her surroundings recognizing where she currently was but couldn’t exactly remember how she had gotten there  “I’m sorry…I can’t remember”

    “Maybe you should have that bump on your head looked at.  You may have a concussion”

    She turned seeing his face much clearly and gasped “….Melvin?”

    He looked at her in surprise “Yes..Have we met before?’ He asks curiously

    “Uh…No….But is your last name Porter?”

    He smiles again surprised and nods “Yes it is…Are you sure we haven’t met?”

    She shook her head wincing at the immediate pain radiating from her head. This is impossible she thought.  She was dreaming. It was the only explanation.

    “I’m the Park Director..A jogger saw you lying on the ground here and alerted us” he explained seeing the confusion upon her face   

    She looks at him blankly.  “Oh..I uh..I don’t remember what happened” she says trying to sit up with Melvin helping her and takes notice of the jogging suit she is wearing “I..uh…Don’t remember having this jogging suit….Wearing it …or even owning it”

    He looks at her perplexed feeling like she should get checked out “I really think we should get you to the emergency room ok?”

    She raises her arms looking at the matching jacket she was wearing and nods “Yeah..That..That would be good”

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    1. This is what I call just a spoonful taste….. and it taste good but I would like to have a full serving to really make a judgement is this should become a regular dish on my reading menu…. Please give us some more….


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