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    Two Meetings

    “What are we doing, people?” Tina barked.

    She had been in a mood all morning. Yelling, reprimanding, flapping her arms. The day started later than it was supposed to because the new location wasn’t ready, putting them behind. It should not have been that big of a deal because they were so far ahead of schedule; however, it sent Tina into a spiral, which had nothing to do with the shoot and everything to do with…Bette. She finally had an outlet for her pent-up frustrations and the crew was in the direct line of fire. Unfortunate casualties. They had never seen their boss like this. She was always so bubbly. Firm but friendly. Comforting and encouraging. Usually, so approachable. Today, she was none of those things. They weren’t upset with Tina or the way she was acting. They were genuinely concerned. Something was severely wrong. What could have happened?

    “Take 5 everyone. FIVE!!! Not six! And when you come back, I expect better.”

    Tina stormed off towards the catering tent. Sam ran after her. No one else moved. Only raised eyebrows and confused glances.

    “Hey. Hey. What’s going on?” Sam put her hand on Tina’s shoulder stopping her. “You okay?”

    “Oh. Hey.” Tina said agitatedly wanting to shake Sam’s hand off but also not wanting to make a scene. She had been successful at avoiding Sam all morning. The guilt wouldn’t allow Tina to look at Sam especially after her conversation with Alice and having her call forwarded. Tina shook her head. Trying to clear it of all thoughts from the night before. It was overwhelming. She wasn’t prepared to deal with Sam or any of it.

    “Yeah. Umm… Yeah, I’m okay.” Tina shifted from one foot to the other, gazing down.

    “You sure. You seem a little…well…crazy this morning.”

    Sam slid her hand down Tina’s arm. Trying to reassure her, she believed. In the sweetest voice, Sam asked what she could do to help. Tina frowning thought this was definitely not helping. Had Sam always been this friendly, this touchy? Had Sam been flirting with her this entire time but Tina’s head was too far up her own ass to notice? Had she been encouraging Sam without realizing it? Fuuuuuuck, Tina silently screamed. She dared a glimpse up and saw true worry in Sam’s eyes which made Tina unstiffen a little bit.

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