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    Awkward Confrontation

    Tina chuckles and nods. ”Yeah…. I know….”

    Dana’s smile fades a bit. ”I miss you… I love you, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t still upset with you….”

    Tina nods. ”I know….”

    ”How long are you here for?” Dana asks.

    ”I’ve moved back…” Tina reveals.

    ”Nice….” Dana then sighs as she nods behind her. ”I know feelings are too raw right now…but you’ll come to the family dinner next week. Right?”

    Tina chuckles as if the request is absurd. ”Oh…no, I don’t think—”

    ”It was a rhetorical question…. you’re coming….”


    ”You’re coming…”

    Tina looks through the backroom window and sees Bette smiling at her playful son as Michelle hands the toddler a snack. ”I… don’t think everyone will be as happy or welcoming as you, Dane….”

    Dana glances toward Bette and Michelle and then looks at Tina. ”You let me handle everyone else….” She reaches out and squeezes Tina’s hand. ”See ya next week…” Dana says with a wink before she turns and walks away.

    Alice strolls over to Tina as she nods toward Dana. ”She’s pushier nowadays….”

    Tina smiles. ”I see….”

    Alice smiles. ”See ya later….” She then turns to Angelica. ”See ya, kid….”

    Angelica waves at Alice. ”Bye….”

    Tina watches Alice walk towards the backroom. She picks up her purse and holds her daughter’s hand as she walks away. As she leaves the table, she sees the gang smile and greet each other with hugs.

    Tina looks on as Alice lifts Bette’s son from her arms and dances around the room, making the little boy laugh. Her eyes then venture over to Bette, who throws her arm on the back of Michelle’s chair and brings her in for a kiss.

    Tina then looks away and leads her daughter toward the exit……



    Adams Porter Household…


    Later, Bette is on the patio nursing a glass of scotch, thinking about the surprising turn of events.

    She is then brought out of her thoughts by Michelle stepping outside.

    ”He’s asleep already? That has to be some sort of record….” Bette says with a gentle smile…

    Michelle chuckles as she sits across from Bette. ”Yeah, he must have been exhausted from his Aunt Alice using him as chick bate tonight….

    Bette smiles and sips her drink.

    Michelle studies Bette for a few beats before she breaks the silence. ”I know you’re pissed, but you know you’re gonna have to have a very important conversation with her at some point….”

    Bette nods and sips her drink again. ”I know. I will, when I’m ready….”

    Michelle sighs. ”Sweetie, I saw the look on your face tonight….it may be a long time before you feel ready to talk with her. I’m not saying you owe Tina anything, but you’re gonna have to talk to her before you’re ready… Angelica deserves to know……”

    Bette drops her head. ”I know….”

    Michelle walks over and sits on the lounger with Bette. ”Hey…. you know I got you, right?”

    Bette looks at Michelle and nods. ”I do….”

    ”I’m gonna head to bed. You coming?”

    Bette nods. ”Yeah, I’ll be in as soon as I finish my drink….”

    ”K…” Michelle pecks Bette on the lips and walks inside.

    Bette takes a sip of her drink and then smiles through her tears when she thinks about Angelica’s smile and the feeling of the little girl’s arms around her waist. She then downs the rest of her drink before she stands up and walks inside the house…..


    1. Hola no esperaba que bette saliera así la verdad pense que ivan a hablar esta versión me gusta más porque no van a hablar de una vez sino que van a pasar muchas cosas para que hablen me encanta desde ya esta nueva versión.

    2. Browneyedgirl28 glad you are back. love your stories……

      Don’t understand Bette’s attitude, since she is the one who stepped out on Tina, Bette has moved on and has a new family!!! Will enjoy as more chapters posted..

    3. This story is significantly different from the previous version. It’s litterally a brand new story. I can see why Bette is upset. Angie is Bette’s child. And regardless of what caused Tina to bolt and leave town and end their relationship, she has a duty to allow Bette to know her child. If they had been a hetero-couple, that would have been the expected norm. And the fact that both of them go on to have new spouses and children does not erase that obligation.

      Thanks for the chapter…. cannot wait for the next one.

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