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    Home Sweet Home


    ”How long before we land, Mommy?” Angelica Kennard asks as her fingers continue to navigate her Nintendo Switch.

    Tina Kennard looks down and smiles as she gently rubs her daughter’s head. ”We still have a while, baby.”

    ”Yeah, but how long, though?”

    ”About an hour. I told you it would take about five hours to fly from Florida to California, remember?”

    ”Yes, I was just askin’.”

    Tina kisses the top of Angelica’s head before she turns and stares out the jam-packed airplane’s window.

    Her daughter’s question gave her a short reprieve from her anxiety, which isn’t a foreign emotion. She hates flying. However, in this instance, her nervousness has nothing to do with thoughts of plunging thirty thousand feet to her death. She gazes out the window, marveling at the beautiful white, bulbous clouds as the plane glides past them.

    Tina smiles slightly; then she remembers where the enormous hunk of metal is taking her, back to a place she hasn’t seen in six long years.

    Armed with a broken heart and anger in her bones, Tina left Los Angeles behind and hasn’t looked back since. Until now……..



    Six years earlier……………

    Kennard Porter Household……

    Tina looked down at her ripped blue, designer dress as she straddled Bette. She gulped down a new batch of tears as Bette held her so tightly that she could barely breathe.

    Tina’s hands were tangled in her wife’s hair. Any other time, a night like this would end in flirty conversations and a few rounds of lovemaking before exhaustingly falling asleep in each other’s arms, but that wasn’t what this night involved.

    Tina’s nose scrunched in disgust as she slapped Bette’s arms away from her and quickly climbed off the bed.

    Bette gulped as she watched Tina walk into the closet.

    A few beats later, Tina returned with a duffle bag, snatched open a drawer, and began tossing clothes into the bag.

    ”W… where are you going?” Bette gently asked.

    ”None of your fucking business….”


    Tina turned around and pointed at Bette. ”Don’t you fucking call me that….and I don’t wanna hear whatever it is you’re about to spew, Bette….” She then turned around and began to pack again. ”You’re not gonna wiggle your way outta this…”

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    1. What a fantastic surprise!!!!

      I’m so happy you post this new version of Home Again on Lesfan.
      Thank you so much for that!!!

      Will you consider to post your other stories as well? Especially It’s a small world and the sequel The Perfect Marriage?
      I know I’m gready but i really love both stories as well

      If you don’t want to do that i will accept that and understand it. Just very happy you post this incredible story again. Thank you

    2. Thank you for posting this story. I remember some of the first story but not completely. So I am reading this as a brand new story. This is an interesting beginning. Please post soon…

      Thank you for coming back…

    3. Oh my gosh I’m crying of happiness. Thank you so so much for bringing this story and the sequel back to us you’re a true blessing and my favourite author truly I don’t think anyone has coped well without your incredible stories. ❤️❤️ thank you so so much

    4. Hola me encanta esta historia y que bueno que la subas pero me encantaría que terminaras abajo a la tierra que quedo donde llegaban los del planeta de bette y decían que ella era la reina de mercepcion y todos empezaban a llamar a tina quiero ver si tienen un hijo y como se comportan con ella y si no puedes entiendo me encantan todas tus historias,gracias.

    5. Wooow!!! You’re really going to release the new version of Home Again and Home Again 2??? This is really wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!!


      (I’d love it if you decided to publish the new version of It’s a small world & Perfect marriage that you had started before, (Oficer ‘Binky’ Porter is a real legend ❤️))

    6. WOW!!! what a fantastic surprise!!! I was devastated when I read your message about took down all of your stories.. Cos… you are one of everyone’s fav author… including me… I thought I would never read any of your work ever again…. THANKS a BUNCH!!!! much appreciate for your kindness and willingness to share with us…

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