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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 1: THE BUREAU

    Alice: “Bette, we talked with Phyllis and Peggy, they agree with us, but there are more people on the board.”

    Bette: “I know, do you have any idea who they will hire; I have the feeling that they are bringing someone, they are plotting something.”

    Al: “I have no idea, but I agree with you, they are planning something, are you going to send someone to get information?”

    Bette: “yeah…, I will.”

    Alice: “good, you have your pawns…, fortunately…, cause, I’m not good at that.”

    Bette: “I know, I’m the one doing the dirty job…, okay, talk later, bye.”

    Alice: “bye, Bette.”

    After the phone call, Bette left her desk to watch through the window of her office on the 55th floor of the building, the moll, the big stores and a block from here the Central Park, the metropolitan buses and the large crowd of pedestrians crossing the streets; who could believe it, all these people, the whole city, the country and most of the countries in this side on the world, depend on what is created and programmed in this place and its branches, they all depend in a certain way on the Bureau.

    Bette: (talking in the intercom) “Maryann, find Nadia Karella and tell her to come immediately.”

    Maryann: (playing with her chewing gum in her mouth) “yes, Dr. Porter.”


    Inventions and Patents INC


    In the meantime, in a different part of the city in the ladies restroom of the second floor of “Inventions and Patents INC,” a young blonde is composing her clothes; she has drunk her third cup of strong coffee a few minutes ago when the supervisor finds her.

    Amber: “Kennard, finally I find you, where have you been?”

    Tina: “Ms. Hagel, I was in my desk all morning, but I have a stomach ache…, something I ate last night.”

    Amber: “well, I have good and bad news for you, come to my office.”

    Tina followed the supervisor with suspicion thinking ‘maybe, just maybe she knows where I was last night… and with whom’

    In the office, closing the door, Amber stands very close to Tina.

    Amber: “I’ve been looking for you, yesterday evening, I called you and you didn’t answer.”

    Tina: “I told you, Ms. Hagel, I was sick, why were you looking for me?”


    1. Bibi28 says

      Hi proteonomics!

      What a wonderful surprise to wake up and see a notification that you posted a new story!

      I have a few things to do before i can read but i will read it asap and comment!

      Thank you my friend for coming back with another story with our favourite couple in it! 😘

      • Bibi28 says

        Hi Zhenya,

        Trust me when i say that this story hasn’t to do anything with the new teaser!!!

        Proteonomics explained that in her note and she is a diehard Tibette fan, so please don’t doubt what she said and explained to us.

        • Zhenya says

          I know. Don’t worry when i write it – i’m alredy read this part, and i know it’s nothing to do with this story.

          It was only a joke about new teaser – for me word “bitch” very well describe Bette in it. That’s all

      • proteonomics says

        Hi Zhenya:


        Oh my God, your comment made my day hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!

        That was a good one!!!

        But just to specify, I wrote the warning because the video promo (teaser) from Generation Q, according to some comments, shows Bette as a womanizer, and in this story, in this first chapter. Bette is a womanizer too, but I’m not copying anything from Generation Q.

        But, I see (and that is really funny) that many of you (I was fearing it) interpreted B.I.T.C.H. as bitch… Hahaha😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

        Anyway, I have my hopes in Bette and also in Tina, as many of you, I want them in the new show, but… who knows, that’s why I call the new show, just Generation Q not the L-word, so far.

        But your comment was good, really funny.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • proteonomics says

        Hola Escorpion:

        Gracias por leer esta historia, estoy muy complacida de que te gustase el capítulo, espero que los siguientes capítulos sean de tu gusto también. Siempre que tengas alguna duda o algo que no te guste o sea confuso, por favor, házmelo saber.

        Espero subir el siguiente alrededor del 13 de Septiembre.

        Nuevamente gracias por leer y comentar.


    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi proteonomics,

      You captured my interest in this new story!!!

      Both Tina & Bette are players it seems?!

      They work in the same industry and now Tina was interviewed by Dr. Kate Porter??? It wouldn’t surprise me as Tina wil recieve a job offer for the third place by B.I.T.C.H. ( interesting name by the way!)

      The memory of Tina and her first love and lover Alex who died by the explosion? Is there any relation to the present time? Did Alex really die on that boat, is the name Alex a undercover name?

      I have many questions whom i am sure of you will answer through this story!!!!

      Great start, i am looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • proteonomics says

        Hi Bibi.

        Thank you very much, my friend, for all your kind words, I had a nice time reading all your comments and comment on the others comments.

        Yes, this story has a weird, rather “funny” name, but I explained in my notes; however, it has a double intended, see, it’s the company name, the company is treating badly to employees, but some of the characters, you’ll see, may fit in the definition of the title of the story without dots 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

        You said that Bette and Tina, they both are players, well, I’ll say that, perhaps they are, they are young and had something in each one’s past that has some influence on what they are now in the story; that happens to all of us, always we carry some of our past in ourselves, but maybe, that is more than a simple memory, and you’ll read it in the next chapters.

        Yes, they both work in the same type of industry, and I hope you are not reading my mind, but it’s interesting your deduction, Kit is interviewing Tina, and things looks like are going to converge in a certain point, but …, you better read in the next chapters.

        About Randy and Alex, if their story has a relation with the present time, well I put the flashback her, it has to be a relation, how? Let see what we have so far, Tina and Randy, we know they are the same person, but Alex, wasn’t she dead by now? And if not, how could we explain that? Impossible right; well I only can promise that it won’t be time-travel or parallel universes or bombers in this story (even though there is a little of sci-fi), so, you may follow the clues I’m leaving in each chapter or wait until later to know more.

        About the name Alex, you will see in my answer to Kittu.

        Thanks, my friend, for reading and commenting, I like all your questions and guessing.


    3. Crystal J.H says


      It’s always happy to see the new story coming out, especially for good writer. The notifications from the Twitter always light up my day.

      Back to the story, looks like both Bette and Tina have a tough past, they suffered from separation from their beloved and had being through a lots. The word Bitch might indicate both of them, or maybe Bette or Tina, due to the fact that they usually did one night stand, but this was only the first chapter, who knows what going to happen?

      Randy and Alex, it was so obvious who you are mentioning and of course these are just the nickname they used. I felt my heart warm after reading through the meeting part. They ARE born to be together, despite the new teaser trailer of the new TLW generation Q, this story was what I really want to see, Tibette together.

      I hope Bette being a boss, she could be more tender and patient to her staff and of course, Tina, our new girl. I figure that their destiny in this story wouldn’t be so smooth, but into pain, no gain. The love that is hard to get is always the best, it’s might be tough, it’s might be a long way for them to get together, but I believe you will bring our young Randy and Alex together eventually.

      Thank you for coming back, my friend and I cannot Wait for the next chapter.


      • proteonomics says

        Hi CJ:

        Hi, my friend, yes it’s very nice to see so many writers posting, and I’m waiting for a few more ones who have been login very frequently, I guess they are updating their stories.

        With respect to your comments, yes Bette and Tina apparently had a hard past; the title B.I.T.C.H. as I mentioned to Zhenya, is the name of the company, but I also said it may fit some of the characters, but not because those two ladies have an active sexual life, because they are no cruel or bully or bad with others and also I don’t think they are … how to say… sex slayer, even when many of the girls who have “casual encounters” with any of them, could feel infatuated or heartbroken, I don’t think there is malice in their acts, and maybe is not that frequent as it looks like, but I don’t wanna go into details in this aspect.

        Now, Randy and Alex, I know this may be obvious if you watched “The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love” and “flash dance”, but couldn’t find better names, so I decided to leave that as Randy and Alex (sorry for being so obvious).

        About Bette, she is not only a boss but she is the voice of the workers, the chair of the mediation committee, (no related what so ever to Bette’s political role in Generation Q) and she is very nice to the rest of employees… but there is a week point and there, some power struggle will start (I’m telling too much).

        I agree with you, the harder to reach something the more valuable for us.

        Thanks to my friend for reading and commenting.


      • proteonomics says

        Hi JS:

        The three board members that are embezzling are Franklin, William, and Melvin, apparently, they are taking money from the company to invest in something else, the question is why are them so obvious and careless? as James commented, maybe there is something else that Bette and her group don’t know.

        Yes, I’m also waiting if Tina joins the company, what will happen with those shameless men and what effect it will make it.

        Thanks for reading and commenting, JS.


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