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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 16: MEET THE FAMILY

    Long Beach, Nassau county – New York – Bette’s beach house.


    In the warmness of the late-morning, two girls, carefree, swim naked in the pool, knowing that the only witness to their love displays is the sky and the tall trees that surround the backyard of the beach house.

    After talking about the Bureau, and Tina’s findings through her hacker’s adventure discovering the evil manipulation the bad guys have done in the company, they both relaxed and decided to take a break in the pool. It wasn’t hard for the brunette to convince her blonde girlfriend, in a playful way, to remove her clothes to continue their yesterday’s chase of each other in the water.

    After the blonde caught the brunette both sway their bodies to the shallowest part of the pool to kiss and make love.

    After tender moments they left the pool holding hands, Bette sat in a big chaise lounge pulling Tina on her lap covering both bodies with two long towels. They begin a conversation about a totally different topic than the one early in the morning. Bette has Tina wrapped with her arms while this one is hugging her by her shoulders, they kissed softly.

    Bette: (smiling with affection) “it seems surreal to have you in my arms, to be able to make love with you, is like a dream come true”

    Tina: (smiling too) “yeah, I never thought I could feel this feeling again…, even when I was falling for you all these last months, I knew I couldn’t totally love you because you weren’t Alex”

    Bette: “but I am…, and I’m Bette, too”

    Tina: “and that’s what scares me”

    Bette: “why, baby?”

    Tina: (glassy eyes) “well…, because I don’t wanna lose you again, I couldn’t bear the idea of not having you as I have you now…, and everything around is uncertain”

    Bette: “everything is gonna be fine, we’re not alone in this…, is that your only concern?”

    Tina: (lowering her eyes) “uhuh”

    Bette: “no, I can read you, there is something else, why don’t you tell me?”

    Tina: (sighing) “well…, I’m still a little bit troubled on how things turned out”

    Bette: (serious) “meaning that you’re unsure of your feelings?”

    Tina: “no, course not, I’m very sure that I love you, and I can’t love anybody else as much as I love you…, but a few days ago I was struggling about my feeling for you and for Alex…, I mean, Bette and Alex were in my heart and I wasn’t sure who I loved the most…, but now they both turned to be the same person…, you, and… her, it’s a little overwhelming… I never thought I could feel that much…”

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      • Hola Escorpion:

        Gracias, me agrada mucho que la historia te guste, y que el capitulo haya sido de tu agrado, si cada capítulo busca dejar intrigado al lector.

        Voy a estar subiendo el nuevo en uno ratito.

        Gracias por leer y comentar.


    1. Hi proteonomics,

      So good to read a new chapter from you!!!

      The girls connected at a few things, but it is important that they continue to talk honesty and open. They are working on a relationship together and try to catch those old nasty bastaards, and trust is important in succeeding in that mission.

      Bette is still a little wary about Tina and feels Tina hold back on something and Tina knows that, For example why does Tina need to hide all she discoverd somewhere else before Bette can visit her house. She already said she would share it with the others? She thinks Bette will search her house for it? Strange, but i give her the benefit of doubt. Maybe she tries to protect Bette now that they are after her.

      Loved how Bette said to that man the she decided when was asap!!!

      Is Melvin the reason Maxime is hurt? And that the hitman failed because she was surrounded by others and now he is trying to find a way to do what about Bette?! He is a pure devil!!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      By the way i did read the previous chapter again at your advice!

      Stay save and healthy ????????????

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks for your kind words my friend, yes Bette and Tina still have a long way to walk together and many bad guys in their way.

        Yes, why Tina has to hide things from Bette, well I hope she realizes that the most important thing in a relationship is to trust one to the other.

        I like also the way Bette faces her father’s thugs.

        New clues in the new chapter and it will come very, very soon.

        There may be something, who hurt Maxine, and why?

        Thanks, my friend, for reading for your comment and support.


    2. Great to see this story back.

      This week at the beach has jolted Bette and Tina back to being giggly teennagers. I know this was a long time coming, The spent a considerable amount of time discussing the events of 10 years ago at the meeting. They discussed the incorrect assumptions they had each made about the other and how a single night grew into a fantasy relationship which spoiled them for all others since. They talked about who their family was – Melvin, Maxine, Miranda Kennard, Louise, Kit, and others were. They did not talk about how Maxine became Tina’s godmother, as they do not seem to know how that happened.

      Bette and Tina talked about some of the things Tina discovered in her searches through Aaron’s files. But she did not disclose everything? Why was that? What does Bette know that she isn’t disclosing? The bottom line is that Bette and Tina’s relationship does not appear to be taking into account everything that has happened to them in the last 6 month to a year. That is – the business is under siege. People have been killed. Attempts have been made on Tina’s life and now Bette is threatened by Melvin. Bette in particular is not taking anything except having sex with Tina very seriously at all.

      And the emergency meeting. For women who have been around Bette for years, why can they not figure out where she is? Also, for people who are in their late twenties and are attending a meeting which is about the security of the business, what is all this sexual references. and questions. Why question the reason for Maura and Jane in the office late if they are giving you info on a late night meeting of big wigs? If this was a lunch table meeting okay, but not at a formal business meeting. The silliness simply detracted from the information being received and from the seriousness of the situation. My confidence level in that group of people riding a company of corporate espionage is not very high. The only person who seems to be taking anything seriously is Tina, and she lack complete knowledge nor the authority to make things happen.

      The chapter wraps up with Bette and Tina both being in danger yet not knowing how much. It wraps up with Bette questioning Tina’s living quarters and other relationships .The bottom line is Bette and Tina still do not know each other very well at all. And the level of trust is very low. It is going to take a long time for these two to develop a relationship which looks anything like long term.

      I really want to see someone take charge of the good guys, gather the intelligence, formulate a plan and beat the bad guys. I also want to see Bette and Tina fully reveal who they are to the other. The secrets are going to be poison.

      Thank you so much for this…. looking forward to more.

      • Hi Martha:

        Nice to read your comments again.

        Yeah, Tina and Bette are dedicated to their most urgent need, their relationship, examining what happened, they still don’t know many things, and they are like in a “honeymoon” as two horny teenagers, let’s give them this little break, remember that from chapter 11 to 16 has passed only ten days, and it’s all about them and the ten missing years.

        Yes, the business is under siege, but according to what Jane and Maura heard, the bad guys are also in problems, they disagree on the way to sell Lower Manhattan to the Chinese, and Peggy’s people have to counterattack., I know you want everything ready, but our girls will take more time to find themselves.

        I think the group of women commanded by Peggy is like a family, because, and that will be shown in the next chapters, there is a common past, you’ll see soon the two main components in that group, and how they interact to face the bud guys, just have a little of patience.

        The level of trust has to be earned, and that may take a little time, slowly we’ll see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to gives a big picture of what is all aspects, mainly in the quest for the truth and justice.

        Thank you very much for your wonderful comments.


    3. Wow, just wow! I have been checking on this story for a while and was pleasantly surprised to see this intense, emotional ride.
      Way, way too many secrets between Bette and Tina, Main Bureau and the Devil incarnate Melvin Porter with his minions. Even secrets between Kit and Bette then Bette and Louise.

      To some degree, I can see protecting those your at all costs. What worries me is your cannot protect everyone.

      Well done and please post soon. Reading your author’s note, it appears that maybe you’ve been ill. If so, I wish you a speedy recovery…B.I.T.C.H. needs you!!!

      • Hi Deanna:

        Thank you, I’m glad that you liked the chapter.

        Yes, this story has many secrets and some turns, but our girls will discover step by step each of those secrets in the way they both are gaining trust in each other.

        Don’t worry, the good guys will be protected.

        Thank you for caring. Yes. these last months have been hard for me, I hope I’ll be fine now.

        Thank you again for reading and commenting.


    4. proteonomics:

      Welcome back! It’s so good to see old writers works. Which of course you are always spoiling us. 8000 words, wow! Finally able to catch up with the story.

      I believe Bette and Tina still have a long way to go, and most importantly, someone is going to do harm to our favourite couple. I do think Tina should trust Bette more, though consider about Bette’s reputation, she has every right to be insecure. And Bette needs to do more for Tina instead of just making love with her and call her baby. They’ve been through a lot and overcame load of misunderstanding, I do hope when the time comes, Bette will be willing to stand out to protect Tina, even if the man is her father.

      Thankfully, Tina has a protective sister, and Bette is willing to listen to Louise and make changes. It’s a huge step for both of them, but I do think they should quickly talk to each other about the issue they have in mind. And of course, the cliff hangers, it makes me more concern about what is going to happen in the later chapter.

      Thank you for the story, proteonomics, it’s been a long time and long days due to the virus. Everything changed, even Lesfan. I hope you can soon post another chapter in order to fill in the blanc of what will happen next!

      Stay health and safety, my friend, thanks again for the story.


      • Hey CJ.

        How have you been, my friend,

        Yes Bette and Tina have a long way to walk, but they are going to be closer day by day.

        Yes, Tina has a protective sister, who loves her and also loves Bette, and our girls are going to talk about their secrets soon.

        But we also have the bad guys, that is another front where they both along with Peggy’s people have to fight for justice and the truth.

        Yes, I know everybody is concern about the cliffhangers, but I will try to post more frequently, though I can’t avoid the cliff hangers most the time.

        Thank you, CJ, I’m also waiting for that wonderful story you are writing and I hope you’ll have the time (though I know you’re very busy right now) to post that here soon.

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting, my friend.


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